Friday Focus 09/03/18 – A poorly little girl

We’ve had a poorly Jessica this week. She seemed fine when I dropped her off at school on Tuesday morning. At 9.30 though, I had a call asking me to come to school to check her over. She’d had a coughing fit at assembly and was breathless walking back to her classroom. I agreed to take her home for a while to observe things. She was quite blue, breathless and running a temperature so I took her to the GP. Our GP knows Jessica well. She thought Jessica had a virus but was concerned about the breathlessness so sent us to our local hospital. The nurse on duty at the paediatric assessment unit happened to be our former community nurse which made things much easier – we hardly had to explain why we there and the doctor got a nice detailed history before she saw us as well!


The word 'poorly' with a cartoon Jessica lying on the 'oor'


Hubby was away working on an event so I was a bit worried about the possibility of Jessica being admitted. I had thrown an overnight bag in the car just in case! Thankfully after a few hours of observation, the doctor agreed that it was probably a viral infection but as she didn’t want to take the chance of Jessica getting a bacterial chest infection on top, she gave us antibiotics and sent us home.


Hubby had some flu-like symptoms at the start of the week and it looks like Jessica has come down with the same thing. Calpol works well, but when it starts to wear off and her temperature starts rising again, she goes very blue and shivery. Hopefully she’ll be back to her usual happy self again very soon.


We did have a bit of extra drama after getting home from the hospital. At bedtime, Jessica’s favourite toy Kerry was nowhere to be seen. Jessica was certain that she’d had her when she came home from the hospital. I had my doubts though. I couldn’t remember seeing her when we got back to the car to head home and despite hunting high and low for her, Kerry was nowhere to be seen. I thought we must have left her behind. Thankfully Jessica was happy to go to bed with my old dolly (a rare treat as she’s a little fragile these days).


I phoned the hospital the next morning: no-one had handed Kerry in. Jessica was upset that Kerry was lost. We did have a replacement Kerry though which she was happy to have instead (even with Sophie pointing out all the things that were different between Kerry and Kerry 2!) Later that afternoon, I noticed a tear in the sofa bed lining that I hadn’t noticed before. Jessica had been right about bringing Kerry home. She had fallen through the tear and was lying between the sofa frame and the lining. As you can imagine, Jessica was very happy to be reunited with Kerry and even better Sophie could have a Kerry too! Fingers crossed though that Kerry doesn’t disappear again!


A very happy Jessica giving Kerry a cuddle after we found her


Things I have loved this week:

  • Being able to build a snowman with the girls before the snow melted.


Jessica with the snowman we made


  • An unexpected visit from hubby’s uncle due to him being unable to get home from the airport because of the snow. Jessica and Sophie hadn’t met their great-uncle before so it was nice for them to get to meet him.


  • Enjoying trying all the different types of tea that I was sent by Adagio Teas (there’s a giveaway running on the blog at the moment if you want to be in with a chance to win some).



papier-mâché hot air balloon with Playmobil figures inside the cardboard basket


  • Finally getting a new fence three years after part of the old one blew down.

The new fence in our back garden


The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 09/03/18 – A poorly little girl

  1. Poor Jessica, and then to lose Kerry on top of being poorly must have been upsetting for her and for you. Glad she seems to be doing well, hope she’s over the virus soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Sorry to hear Jessica has been poorly, I hope she’s feeling better soon. My Daisy has a pink blanket that she will not go to bed without, we’ve spent many nights searching for blankie when it’s ended up in the strangest of places. I hope you all have a lovely and restful weekend x

  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that little Jessica is poorly, she’s doing so well recovering from her big op too. I did chuckle about Sophie pointing out all the differences between Kerry 1 and Kerry 2, this is exactly what happens in our house! They do delight in winding each other up so the other one has a tantrum they become the angel child don’t they??

    1. Thanks Nat. It was funny hearing Sophie pointing out all the differences – thankfully Jessica wasn’t bothered! 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Jessica has been poorly. It sounds like the hospital treated her very quickly though. Hopefully she is on the mend now. Thank goodness you found Kerry! They become so attached to their special toys don’t they? I still have my childhood bear and would be devastated to lose it! #wotw

    1. Thanks Louisa, she is much better now. It was such a relief to find Kerry again – so glad she wasn’t lost!

  5. Aww! Poor Jessica. I hope she is all better soon! What a worry for you! Sending hugs.
    Oh no! You didn’t need the extra worry about loosing Kerry. It did make me chuckle about Sophie pointing out all the differences. hehehe #WotW

  6. Sorry to hear that Jessica’s been poorly there seems to be a lot of bugs around at the moment and there has been lots of coughing in my home. Hope you have a calm and relax weekend with the girls X #wotw

    1. There certainly have been a lot of bugs going around recently. Thankfully Jessica is now much better x

  7. What a fright it must have been having Jessica so poorly, so glad she recovered well. What a drama losing Kerry though, glad she was found in the end and now you have two to care for. I love the hot air balloon you made with Sophie x

    1. Thanks Anne. It’s always an extra worry with Jessica – bugs tend to hit her extra-hard. Thankfully she is now much better again x

  8. Hope Jessica is feeling better now. It sounds like it hit her hard. Bless Sophie for pointing out all the differences between the two dolls. That is the job of a younger sister. Love the papier mache balloon, and I can appreciate how good it is to have the fences up again. We have a few that need repairing. Hope this week is calmer and healthier for you all. #wotw

  9. Oh no, sorry to hear Jessica has been poorly, it sounds like she well looked after & cared for – I hope she is making a speedy recovery.

    The new fence looks smart and I love the hot air balloon! #WotW

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