Dear Sophie… now you are eight

Darling Sophie

I can’t quite believe that you are eight years old already; that it can possibly have been that long since ‘baby Sofa’ as your sister called you, made her entrance into the world. That the baby in those earliest entries on this blog is now a confident, talented, loving girl who likes to be independent and do things her way and makes us proud each and every day with all the things she does. My little whirlwind, you now channel all that energy into the activities you love – your dancing, your creativity, your wonderful imagination. What a joy it is to be your mummy.


Sophie sitting at the table with a pink sprinkle-covered birthday cake with an '8' candle on top in front of her - "Dear Sophie... now you are eight"


Your birthday week has certainly been an eventful one. A weekend with Nanny, before stepping out on stage to perform in your first ever dance festival. It was so lovely to watch your and your duet partner dancing together. You were so chuffed at getting a medal for 2nd place. I know you were nervous beforehand but you certainly seemed confident once you were on stage and had such a lovely big smile on your face. You have two more days this week of performing. I hope that you will enjoy those performances just as much. I know you will do your best and make me proud.


Sophie in a pink dress with purple sash and trim holding a medal for second place in her section in the dance festival


Darling Sophie, you have always been a born performer. You have always loved to dance, ever since you could walk. I remember your delight at starting ballet lessons; all those autumn Saturday nights spent watching Strictly, when you and Jessica would do your best to copy the moves on screen. What a delight it was to watch you both. How proud your sister would have been of you taking part in the festival. You two had such a beautiful bond. I love how Jessica is still so much a part of your life and your thoughts; how easily you still talk about her. I know you miss her so very much. It breaks my heart that you will always have that empty space in your life where she once was, but I know that the love you two had for each other will always be there and nothing can ever take it away.


Jessica and Sophie having a cuddle


You are such a lovely big sister with Thomas. I love how kind and caring you are with him; how patient you can be. You’re so good at helping with him and he adores you. I’m so glad that you have such a close bond with each other and hope that you always will.


Sophie and Thomas sitting in a web swing together having a cuddle


You have just finished your first half term at junior school and are absolutely loving it there. I am so proud of how well you are doing. Your teacher tells me that you are a pleasure to teach, that you love learning and are kind and sociable. I am so thankful that school is a happy place for you. I hope that it will stay that way (although I am sure that there will be moments to come when school feels more of a chore!)


I’m glad that you had “such a wonderful birthday,” as you told me at the end of the day, and are having “the best half-term ever!” We’ve still got some more fun yet to come – a play date with your friend, a sleepover with your cousin plus your birthday party at the weekend. What lovely things to look forward to. I hope that they’ll be every bit as much fun as you’re anticipating them to be.


Sophie standing next to Nanny in front of a corn field with Thomas sitting in a trolley in front with two pumpkins and some corn cobs next to him


Darling Sophie, I hope this year of being eight is filled with fun for you. I hope that you’ll always be as kind and as loving as you are now, with a strong sense of who you are and what you want to be. I hope you’ll keep that wonderful sunny smile, that self-confidence and keep finding joy in all the things you do. You are so very loved, each and every day and I’m so very thankful for eight years of being your mummy.


Love you millions and billions.

Mummy xxxxx


Sophie in an aqua leotard and skirt and wearing blue tap shoes


6 thoughts on “Dear Sophie… now you are eight

  1. It’s so hard to believe Sophie is eight already, what a gorgeous little girl she is. I always remember your photos of her and Jessica in the most beautiful matching dresses when they were little. I’m glad she has a strong bond with Thomas, it’s lovely when your kids get on together. A very happy birthday to Sophie and I really hope she has a fabulous birthday party this weekend xx

    1. Thank you Anne. I always loved having Sophie and Jessica in matching dresses. It’s one of the many things I miss – although I’m sure they wouldn’t be so keen now! x

  2. It is crazy to think Sophie is 8 already. I still think of her as a little one. hehehe She sounds like such a lovely girl, you must be so proud. x

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