Friday Focus 29/10/21 – Exciting

It’s been quite an exciting half-term for us on the whole – especially for Sophie who has been competing in her first ever dance festival as well as celebrating her eighth birthday this week. She’s been telling me that it’s been the best half-term ever so far and we’ve still got a meet-up with a friend, a sleepover with her auntie and cousin and her birthday party yet to go!


The word 'exciting' in teal


I’ve been so proud of Sophie this week. It has been an absolute delight to watch her performing and see how much she enjoys dancing. She was thrilled to be awarded a silver medal with her duet partner for their routine on Tuesday and a gold medal for her tap solo yesterday. She has one more performance left to go at the weekend which will be the group dance.


Her performances have very nicely fallen either side of her birthday so she had the whole day free to enjoy that. I can’t quite believe that my baby girl is eight already. We had a fairly quiet day, spent mostly at home enjoying her presents and a birthday tea with Grandma and Grandad, although we did venture out for a walk around Black Park in the afternoon.


Thomas on a rocking snail at the park


My mum came to stay last weekend and Sophie and Thomas loved getting to spend time with Nanny. My husband and I made the most of the opportunity for a couple of date nights, celebrating a family friend’s 70th birthday and finally getting to see Hamilton, after having to postpone our original trip due to the first lockdown. It was such an amazing show and well worth the wait to get to see it.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Me and my husband at a friend's 70th birthday party; me and my husband at the theatre ready to see Hamilton; my mum, husband, Sophie and Thomas at the pumpkin patch; Sophie and Thomas standing in front of a giant spider web and giant spider at Black Park; Sophie wearing her pink dress for her duet and holding her silver medal; Sophie with her birthday cake; Sophie wearing her blue dress for her tap solo holding her gold medal - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 43"


  • Day 295 – I am grateful for a night out at a party with my husband while Nanny enjoys time with the children.


  • Day 296 – I am grateful for finally getting to see Hamilton having originally had tickets for the first weekend that we were in lockdown last year.


  • Day 297 – I am grateful that the children had fun getting to pick a couple of pumpkins and some corn.


  • Day 298 – I am grateful that we were able to do the Monsters and Magic Halloween trail at Black Park before taking Nanny home again. Was so lovely having her here for the weekend.


  • Day 299 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed her first time dancing in a dance festival and was so chuffed that she and her duet partner got a medal for 2nd place in their section. Was so lovely to watch them both perform, they did so well.


  • Day 300 – I am grateful for eight years of Sophie. Happy birthday beautiful girl!


  • Day 301 – I am grateful that Sophie performed so well in her tap solo today and got a gold medal for her performance. So proud of this little girl of mine.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • My photo of our church being included in the 2022 URC calendar.


  • Reaching a 2000-day streak on Duolingo.


A Duolingo badge for a 2000 day streak


  • Sophie and Thomas getting dressed up for a Halloween arts and crafts session.


Thomas dressed as a vampire and Sophie dressed as a ghostly bride


  • Joining a Zoom chat at church to wish one of our church members a happy 101st birthday. He and Sophie share the same birthday, as do two other church members.


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24 thoughts on “Friday Focus 29/10/21 – Exciting

  1. What a very exciting week, especially for Sophie! It does sound like the best week for her. Well done to her with her dancing. It sounds like she is fantastic and happy belated birthday to her.
    Lovely photos! Sophie looks adorable in her dance outfits and I love the Halloween costumes. x

  2. I’ve been thinking about Sophie and her dance routine. I didn’t know it was more than one dance. Glad she made you and the family proud. Sounds like a really exciting week. Long may it continue.

    1. Hamilton is about one of the founding fathers of America and his rise from a poor immigrant background. It’s a really good show and there are some amazing songs in it. We’ve been wanting to see it for a while so it was good to finally be able to do so!

  3. Well done Sophie! This is a great achievement.
    I can only imagine how excited you were to finally see the show.

  4. Well done Sophie for her medals, and happy birthday to her. It’s nice to be back at the theatre isn’t it. And a relief when the shows are able to be rescheduled. My next one that was postponed is now in 2023!

    1. Thank you Emma. It was so nice to be able to go to the theatre again. 2023 is a long time to wait to see your show though.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Sophie! What a talented young lady she is! A gold medal is a great achievement, big well done! Sophie looks very pretty in her dresses.
    Glad you had a couple of evenings with your husband and could attend Hamilton.

  6. Ahhh Happy Birthday Sophie she looks wonderful all dressed up for her dances and sounds like she did amazingly well. Gald you managed to get a couple of nights off with the Hubby and that you made it to the theatre.

  7. Hope you enjoyed Hamilton, it’s not a show I know anything about. Happy 8th birthday Sophie and well done with the gold medal. how lovely to have Nanny live near by to babysit

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