Friday Focus 22/10/21 – Dance

Sophie is taking part in her first dance festival next week and this week has been full of practice and preparation for this. She has a tap solo, a duet and a group number to dance in and is very excited about it, especially when she finally got to see her costumes this week. Unsurprisingly, she’s a little nervous too, but we’ve had a few practice runs in front of an audience which will hopefully help her with her performances next week.


The word 'dance' in pink with a drawing of blue tap shoes above the 'c' and 'e'


I love watching her dance and seeing just how much she loves it. She’s worked so hard over the last few months and it’s been lovely to watch her practice. Hopefully she’ll manage to dance her routines next week as well as she’s danced them during her practice sessions.


Sophie in an aqua leotard and skirt and wearing blue tap shoes



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie reading a letter from her friend; an orange sunrise; Sophie with festival hair and make-up; Thomas in a wooden house in a children's play area; Thomas sitting in his car seat in the car; me with my new chin-length bob haircut; Thomas playing with the VTech cars, garage and track - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 42"


  • Day 288 – I am grateful for the joy of getting a letter from a friend in the post.


  • Day 289 – I am grateful for the beautiful sunrise this morning.


  • Day 290 – I am grateful for a make-up tutorial from Sophie’s dance teacher, a hair practise and lots of dance practise today to prepare for Sophie’s first dance festival.


  • Day 291 – I am grateful for time just getting out and about and having fun with Thomas.


  • Day 292 – I am grateful that my husband was only a few minutes away with my spare car keys after I managed to accidentally lock my keys in the car with Thomas inside.


  • Day 293 – I am grateful for a much-needed haircut!


  • Day 294 – I am grateful for space to get the VTech cars out again and that Thomas enjoys them as much as his sisters did.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie getting out the My Little Pony toys for the first time in ages. Jessica used to love those toys and watching Sophie playing with them again brought back some lovely memories.


  • Thomas looking very cute in his costume for the TinyTalk Halloween class.


Thomas wearing a vampire costume, standing in front of a Halloween themed backdrop with a teddy bear wearing a pumpkin costume on the floor next to him


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 22/10/21 – Dance

  1. Such beautiful photos of your children. I can imagine your daughter’s excitement. As a matter of fact, I think the whole household must be nervously excited for her too. Well, let’s hope it all goes well and that she will continue to love expressing herself this way through being creative with dance.

    1. Thank you, she’s been very excited about taking part and is enjoying the dance festival so far.

  2. Thomas looks so cute in his costume. Seeing Sophie in her dance clothes reminds me of when my daughter did dancing. She stopped because she did not like doing the shows. I hope Sophie enjoys herself and sending her best wishes.

  3. Hope Sophie’s dance festival goes well. Love her blue tap shoes. Oops with the car keys. My mum managed to do the same when my brother was similar age, but an hour away from home. The recovery guy who came wasn’t impressed it was a Ford. Evidently back then they were a nightmare to get into without keys

  4. Those gratefuls are so wonderful. I also got a much-needed haircut last week and am grateful for it too. Wishing Sophie good luck and lots of joy on her dance festival!

  5. Love the dance costume. I always had a nightmare putting Anya’s hair in a bun for her classes. You must have panicked when the car locked! #project365

    1. Thank you. She loved the tap shoes but in the end we went with white ones for the festival as they worked better with her costume.

  6. Oh how exciting for Sophie I hope it has gone very well for her. She looks lovely in her costume. Yay for being able to get your hair cut and thank goodness your husband was not far away with the keys. Thomas looks adorable in his outfit. Hope you have had a wonderful Halloween

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