Siblings – October 2021

We’ve all settled back into term-time routines now but are looking forward to half-term next week. Sophie is particularly excited because of all the things she has to look forward to in half-term – taking part in her first dance festival, her birthday and birthday party, and planned visits from Nanny, Auntie Maxine and one of her cousins. Thomas is just happy to go with the flow of whatever’s happening – he’s used to having to travel back and forth to Sophie’s activities and making the most of his one-to-one time with Mummy while his big sister is at school.


Sophie and Thomas sitting on the sofa with Jessica's photo blanket in between them - "Siblings - October 2021"


It was lovely to hear from Sophie’s teacher that Sophie talks about Jessica at school. She did have a bit of a wobble one day last week during a PHSE lesson when talking about people being sad and reasons for this but the school handled it all really well and she had a few quiet moments out of class with her teacher having a chat about Jessica. We were always so thankful that Sophie and Jessica’s infant school were so supportive with both our girls and it is reassuring that the junior school seems to be just as good.


Thomas has moments when he reminds me a lot of Jessica. He has a very similar laugh and his voice often sounds like Jessica’s when he comes out with certain words and phrases. His smile is also very like Jessica’s. I love how listening to him and watching him will often bring back memories of his biggest sister.


Sophie and Thomas sitting on the sofa with Jessica's photo blanket in between them


Thomas (3 years 2 months)

  • Is thoroughly enjoying his mornings at preschool.
  • Loves looking around at words everywhere and trying to read them.
  • Has had the odd blip here and there with potty training but has got much better now at asking to be taken to the toilet when he needs to go. We’re also becoming more confident now at ditching the pull-ups for longer journeys out and about.
  • Enjoys dancing with Sophie while watching Strictly. Watching him and Sophie together reminds me so much of watching my girls together.



Sophie (7 years 11 months)

  • Has been busy rehearsing her dances for the dance festival that’s taking place over half-term and is getting excited (and a little nervous) about it.
  • Has moved up another book band at school and is now on grey books.
  • Had a glowing report at parents’ evening which made us very proud. Her teacher tells us that she’s a joy to teach, she’s enthusiastic and engaged, kind, sociable and helpful which is wonderful.
  • Has regained her confidence with riding her bike again and is loving being able to cycle to school.


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • Jessica’s butterfly at Girls’ Brigade has now been moved from the Explorers room to the Juniors room as Jessica would now have moved up to Juniors.
  • It was lovely to be able to share Jessica’s story at the Action Medical Research Dine with Davina event recently. Being able to talk about Jessica is always such a joy and it means a lot to be able to share her story to try and help other children.
  • We were given some bluebell bulbs by GreenAcres to plant over Jessica’s forever bed. Because it’s a woodland grave, we’ve only been allowed one wooden vase for flowers next to Jessica’s wooden memorial (and a wreath at Christmas) so to be able to plant something there felt very special. Fingers crossed that they grow!

12 thoughts on “Siblings – October 2021

    1. They’re such a great school – we’ve been so fortunate to have such good support both with them and the infant school.

  1. Ahh! We are looking forward to half term too. It sounds like Sophie has an exciting time coming up. Good luck with the dance festival.
    It is so lovely that Sophie talks about Jessica so much and the school are so supportive. It must be hard when things like this come up in PHSE lessons. x

    1. It certainly is an exciting time at the moment – lots of things happening. I’m glad the school have been so supportive and that Sophie does have the space to talk about Jessica – it’s good for her to be able to do so.

  2. What a lovely round-up, and with so many positives. I love that Thomas’ voice sometimes reminds you a lot of Jessica’s, and also that they’ve moved Jessica’s butterfly up to Juniors at Girls Brigade.
    Great to hear that Sophie is doing so well at school, and seems happy and supported there too <3 x #MMBC

  3. I can really see the resemblance with Thomas and Jessica, she would be so happy that her brother looks like her. Sophie is doing amazingly well, I can’t believe she’s nearly 8!

    1. I know – those eight years have gone so fast! Thomas reminds me of Jessica in so many ways.

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