Black & White Photography Project #31

As it is CHD Awareness Week, I am sharing a photo of my little heart warrior and her zipper scar for this week’s black and white photography project.  Her scar is the outward sign of everything that she has endured to get to where she is today. I am so very proud of her and thankful to be blessed with my beautiful little girl.


A black and white photo of my hands forming a heart around Jessica's zipper scar


In the colour version of the photo, you can see how purple Jessica’s hands and lips are.  This is because she has what is known as a cyanotic heart condition. Jessica’s blood carries less oxygen than normal.  Her normal blood oxygen levels are around 80%. A person with a normal, healthy circulation has blood oxygen levels of around 97%-99% .


Jessica’s heart condition means that the right side of her heart is doing most of the work. This combined with her reduced oxygen levels means that she is more likely to become breathless and tire easily on exertion.  Her next operation will improve her oxygen levels. However, her heart condition is not something that can be fixed and she will never have a normal circulation.


A colour photo of my hands forming a heart around Jessica's zipper scar

73 thoughts on “Black & White Photography Project #31

  1. I hope the next op goes well, Louise. Jessica’s scar must be as much a badge of honour as a reminder for your brave little girl.

  2. Such a wee trouper. The scar is a reminder of what a fabulous little lady she is, most adults would struggle to cope with such conditions but children just get on with it don’t they x

    1. Thank you – she does seem to take it all in her stride, bless her, but then she’s never known any different x

  3. Beautiful image. It truly shows how brave and strong your dear daughter is. I wish her and your family all the best!

  4. That is such an evocative and beautiful image along with your words. I love it in Black & White.

  5. Very poingnant and thanks for sharing. I hope the next operation goes well and is a success. Very thought provoking image. I’m glad you’ve shared this.

  6. Sitting in tears reading this, just the thought of all your little princess has gone and is going through! Beautiful photo hun, she is one amazing little girl and true fighter, total credit to ye xx

    1. Oh bless you Gráinne, sorry to make you cry. She is my little miracle and I’m so very proud of her x

  7. Amazing photo. I can’t believe the colour difference in the colour photo, astonishing.
    Those with zipper scars are so brave, and you have such a special little girl. Jessica always looks so happy and gorgeous in all the photos you share.

    1. Thanks Jenni – I thought I’d share both because the colour one really does highlight how blue Jessica often is although unless you see the contrast like this you probably wouldn’t notice it. She really is such a happy and brave little girl 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim – her hands were a bit cold in that photo which makes the purpleness more pronounced – they do pink up a little more when warmer but it does show what her ‘normal’ colour can be.

  8. Definitely a sign of what a little fighter your girl is. Ross has a scar where he had his large intestine removed and everytime I see it, it reminds me of how much he fought to survive. Good luck to your girl for her next op xx

    1. Thank you Fiona, they’re just what is normal for her – she does tire more easily than other children her age of course but still has quite a lot of energy. Did you mean the colour photo or the black and white one?

  9. Grace & Lucas say – XL MEGA High-5’s to a very awesome and brave little girl. We don’t know how lucky we are and we think this lil’ dudette is amazing x #bwphotoproject

  10. What a gorgeous photo Louise, what a strong little girl you have there and what a strong mummy you are. I hope her next operation goes well. I bet she shows off her scar to everyone doesn’t she?! Her little mark of survival. Thank you so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday xx

    1. Thank you Lisa – she is such a little fighter. Hopefully we still have a while yet before her next op is needed. Lovely to link up to #twinklytuesday 🙂

  11. Such a powerful image in both shots, you have an amazing little girl there, what a brave family, best wishes xx #twinklytuesday

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen these photos. How did I miss them? I absolutely loooove the B&W one. This is so ‘you’. It would make the ideal logo / badge. Have you thought of using it that way? xxx

    1. Thank you Mel – never thought about using it as a badge but could see how it would work well as one x

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