22 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 08/02/15

  1. Awww, I know why you’re wearing red!! And I’m ashamed to say that the 6th Feb flew by in a whirlwind, and it was only till the next day that I realised that I’d missed the red-wearing boat. What an idiot. I shall have to write some more on cardiac issues to make up for it. Hope you’re all well, Louise xx


    1. Ah it’s easily done – my fb newsfeed was full of red so had a lot of reminders! I shall look forward to reading your cardiac posts – will be interesting to read about it from your perspective too x

      1. And I’m sure I follow you on Facebook too… duh! I’ve actually had a bonkers week, and have spent a fair amount of time away from my laptop, so haven’t been very absorbed with the internet. Right, I’m off to share your newer post on my Facebook page! Xx

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