Beautiful, fleeting moments

Two big blue eyes peek from a cot
A soft, sweet voice is cooing
Two little arms are lifted up
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Chubby arms around my neck
Small head upon my shoulder
My baby snuggling close to me
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Raspberries blown on a bare tum
Tickles, squeals of laughter
Row, row your boat – again, again!
Beautiful, fleeting moments

A happy face banana-smeared
Waving sticky fingers
Using yogurt as hair gel
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Swings and slides and spinning round
Jumping in the puddles
Collecting treasures – leaves and stones
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Rubber ducks and squirty toys
Making beards with bubbles
Soft warm towels, damp tousled hair
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Bedtime stories, lullabies
Tender goodnight kisses
The innocence of a child in sleep
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Beautiful, fleeting moments - Little Hearts, Big Love

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34 thoughts on “Beautiful, fleeting moments

  1. This has just brought back so many memories. Beautiful sentiments x #prose4T

  2. So beautiful! Made me think of how grown up my little girl is getting, but also how I’ll get to enjoy those precious newborn moments all over again when #2 is born xx

    1. So glad you liked it – those snuggly moments are so wonderful, isn’t it a shame they pass all too quickly?

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