The Friday Focus – 06/03/15

Whilst this week has been quite challenging in many respects, I have been trying to stay positive rather than letting the challenges overwhelm me. Sophie has been a little happier this week (although still quite unsettled at night) and thankfully feeding has become much more comfortable again. I am very much looking forward to hubby being home again later tonight and have already informed him that he is getting up with the girls tomorrow morning so I can have a much-needed lie in!

The Friday Focus 06/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

One of the biggest positives this week was the arrival of a letter from Jessica’s cardiac consultant to say that the team were “very pleased with her progress” and “would all be very happy if there was no need to look further into [her next surgery] until 2016.” Of course, they will continue to monitor her progress but hopefully Jessica won’t need to have her next surgery this year – such a huge relief.

Another positive was getting to spend time with family last weekend when we went to stay with my mum for a few days and I also got to catch up with one of my school friends. My father-in-law has also replaced the battery on my car and it seems to be working again – hooray! I’ve also managed to be on time for everything this week as a result of one of the 40acts daily challenges.  So lots of positive things about this week once I look beyond the fog of sleep-deprivation.


Out and About:

Sophie and I went to the park on the way home from taking Jessica to preschool – it was the first time that I’ve taken Sophie on her own and I really enjoyed being able to have that one-to-one time with her.

The Friday Focus 06/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The girls also enjoyed some time in the soft play area when we were out shopping for a birthday card and present for Nanny.

The Friday Focus 06/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Fun at home:
Jessica and I have been having lots of fun together doing crafts while Sophie has her afternoon nap. We’ve been doing lots of painting and have been experimenting with different objects – Jessica particularly enjoyed using the bottle brush to paint a seaside picture.

The Friday Focus 06/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus 06/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

We’ve also been making paper plate aquariums and this was such a fun, simple activity that I tried it at our Tuesday toddler group where I was running the craft session this week and it worked well.


Time for me:
Not a lot of me time this week although I did manage to sneak in an afternoon nap whilst I was at my mum’s – bliss!

On the blog:

One of my friends shared her natural caesarean birth story – the video of her little one’s birth is just so beautiful and it was such a privilege to be able to share it on the blog.

I enjoyed writing a poem on the beautiful, fleeting moments of motherhood and reflecting on 10 signs that you’re a parent blogger.

My happiest moment:
Watching Sophie really joining in with singing and dancing at toddler signing this week and seeing how animated she was.


Next week I would like to:
Catch up on a little more sleep!


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38 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 06/03/15

  1. Thanks for the great craft ideas. Your girls are so cute and you take lovely clear photos- I need to work on this. Enjoy your lie-in!

  2. I hope you get some more sleep-makes everything much harder work doesn’t it. I do love Jessica’s look of concentration whenever she does a craft activity, so sweet. And how lovely to hear she doesn’t need surgery this year x

  3. Oh I hope you get to catch up on your sleep, feeling tired is not nice at all!
    Sounds like you have had an amazing week and packed a lot in to it! Love the sea picture with the bottle brush =)
    And it looks like Sophie is having lots of fun at the park!

    1. Thanks Jenni – it’s been a hectic weekend but at least I got to sleep in on Saturday! 🙂

  4. Great word, and so pleased to hear Jessica’s good news, too, such a relief for you. I do like the idea of using brushes like that for painting, and I just know my boy would love it, thanks for the idea! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. This is such great news about Jessica. Such a relief for a while. I hope you enjoy some sleep tomorrow. Also how cute does Jessica look doing the crafts? Heart melts. Enjoy ur weekend xx
    Sarah #wordoftheweek

  6. Wow that must be such a relief to hear that Jessica won’t need her surgery until next year, no wonder you’re feeling positive this week!! x

  7. I’m so pleased for you that Jessica is doing well and that she won’t need surgery this year; you must feel tremendous relief. I love the picture of Sophie at the park! Great craft ideas, I must store some of these up for when R is a little older. I hope you get your lie in tomorrow and catch up on some sleep next week xx

  8. Enjoy your weekend and your lie in!
    That’s fantastic about the heart news! It must be such a relief for you all!
    Lovely photos x

  9. Great news about Jessica’s op, must be one worry off your mind and just love the concentration on her face in those craft shots. Enjoy your lie in! #wotw

  10. Yay for such a wonderful word to sum up your week. That sneaky nap must have felt heavenly!! Here’s hoping next week is super positive too lovely 🙂

  11. I am so glad they are pleased with Jessicas progress at least it gives you a little breathing space, my friends daughter has a heart condition and there is so much involved and such a worry isn’t it ? x

    1. It is a worry but such a relief not to feel like the surgery is hanging over us at the moment.

  12. Fab word!!!! 😉

    Thrilled at your good news and so pleased that Jessica is doing so well.

    Visiting from #wotw

  13. Oh what wonderful news about Jessica’s surgery! I am so pleased that your wish for it to be done next year instead of this is going to come true.

    By the way the bottle brush painting idea is inspired! I’m going to be doing this one with Bubs.

  14. So glad to hear everything is better this week with feeding and your car. Great news about Jessica’s surgery too, must be such a worry all the time.
    I am going to tweet you now as I want to know where you get your craft ideas from!!

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