25 things I love about you

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Like all married couples we have had our ups and downs over the years. There have been many moments when I have focused on the things that my husband does wrong rather than the things he does right. There are moments when he drives me crazy. We have times when we take each other for granted; times when we lose ourselves a little in being Mummy and Daddy. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of the reasons why we fell in love with each other and reconnect as a couple.


Last Christmas, I made hubby a book filled with 96 things that I love about him; each one with a hand-drawn illustration. It took me three months to make the book for him. I can still remember his reaction when he opened it on Christmas Day. The hours I spent on it were well worth it for that moment. I may not tell him often enough just how much I love him and why but this was my reminder of all the little things that make him just right for me.


A collage of drawings showing the little things I love about my husband - "25 things I love about you"


Here are 25 things that I love about my hubby:


1) He gives the best hugs ever.


2) He is an amazing daddy.


3) He loves doing crazy challenges as a family just as much as I do.


4) He likes to surprise me by remotely playing love songs on the Sonos (or Google Home) when he is away.

A drawing of me standing in the kitchen with the Sonos playing "I just called to say I love you"

5) He works hard to support his family.


6) He makes me laugh.


7) He encourages me to do the things I love doing and shows an interest even when they are not things that he enjoys doing.


8) He gives me strength.

A drawing of me sitting in a chair next to Jessica's hospital bed with hubby standing behind me resting his hands on my shoulders


9) He loves me even when I am tired and grumpy.


10) He knows me better than anyone else and I can truly be myself when I am with him. He has seen me at my worst and encourages me to be the best I can be.


11) He is spontaneous.


12) He shares my faith.


13) He has integrity.


14) He is a good dancer and will often have a little dance with me in the kitchen.

A drawing of me and hubby having a little dance in the kitchen


15) He is thoughtful.


16) He is not afraid to admit when he is wrong and change if needed.


17) He can sing well and is happy to get up on stage and sing duets with me.


18) He is always there when it matters most.


19) He is good at DIY and fixing things.A drawing of hubby putting together some furniture

20) He is creative.


21) He knows just how to comfort me and our girls when we are upset.


22) No matter how tough things seem, he never gives up on us.


23) He is terrible at remembering the words to songs and makes the words up as he goes along, which always makes me laugh.


24) He is full of fun.


25) He is my best friend.


A drawing of hubby, me, Jessica and Sophie with hearts surrounding us


12 thoughts on “25 things I love about you

  1. This is so sweet! Sounds like you married the right guy! I actually made a similar book for my husband for Valentine’s Day, but I had to use computer graphics for the illustrations because I can’t draw. Happy Anniversary! #twinklytuesday

    1. Thank you Nicole. He is a sweetie. I love that you did a similar thing for your husband πŸ™‚

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