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An afternoon exploring Baddesley Clinton

One of the things I miss most about summer is those beautiful warm afternoons.  Afternoons when the sky was so wonderfully blue, and it seemed as if there was all the time in the world to go and explore.  Watching my girls running off in front of me, hand in hand with each other, dressed in their sunhats and summer dresses.  Afternoons when we were just lost in our own little bubble, discovering new places and making the most of the time we had together.… Read more

The Friday Focus 02/09/16 – Savouring the end of summer

A summer full of fun and adventure is coming to an end. This week especially has been about trying to savour the little moments, trying to slow down time, to fully enjoy the moment and make the most of it. We’ve done so much together this week and always at the back of my mind has been the acute awareness that this time next week Jessica will be in school.… Read more

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie at the signpost at Land's End

Me and Mine – August 2016

I can’t quite believe we’re at the end of August.  The summer holidays have whizzed by far too quickly for my liking.  In just under a week’s time, my big girl will start school and celebrate her 5th birthday.  This summer has felt incredibly precious – making the most of this time before Jessica takes another little step into being more independent from us.  It feels like she has grown up so much over the summer – that little girl who left preschool just a few short weeks ago has become more confident, more self-assured.  I know she is ready; she is excited and looking forward to starting big school.  Me – less so.… Read more

Jessica and Sophie on a wooden tractor in a play area at Odds Farm Park

The Friday Focus 22/07/16 – Soaking up the sunshine

With the glorious weather we’ve been having this week, my word of the week has to be sunshine.   Summer has well and truly arrived and we’ve been making the most of it! We’ve had the paddling pool and parasol out in the garden and have been enjoying ice lollies galore.  Let’s hope this lovely weather lasts for a while.… Read more

Our Summer Activities List - post-it notes showing some of our planned activities for the summer

Our summer activities list

I’ve spent most of this year being scared to look too far ahead.  Knowing that another surgery was on the cards for Jessica, possibly before she was due to start school felt like a huge cloud hanging over my head.  When we were told a few weeks ago that the cardiac team were happy with Jessica’s progress and that they were not planning to do her next surgery for another year or two, it felt like a huge weight suddenly lifted from my shoulders.  To be able to relax and look forward to the summer is the most amazing feeling.  This summer feels like a significant one too – the last summer before Jessica starts full-time school and I’m determined to make the most of it and fill it with wonderful memories before September comes.  This year, for the first time, I’ve sat down with hubby and the girls and we’ve created a summer activities list together.… Read more

The end of summer - Little Hearts, Big Love

The end of summer

There’s a sense of melancholy that comes with the end of summer, an acute awareness of the passage of time and the realisation that no matter how much I want to slow it down, it continues to march on relentlessly. The changing of the seasons hits me harder at this time of year than it does at any other time of year.… Read more

Looking back on summer

Jessica’s birthday marks the end of the summer for us (although with return of some warm sunny weather at the moment, it still feels like summer is lingering for a while longer). Our first summer as a family of four has been a lovely one – we have been out and about a lot and spent lots of time with family and friends.… Read more