The Friday Focus 02/09/16 – Savouring the end of summer

A summer full of fun and adventure is coming to an end. This week especially has been about trying to savour the little moments, trying to slow down time, to fully enjoy the moment and make the most of it. We’ve done so much together this week and always at the back of my mind has been the acute awareness that this time next week Jessica will be in school. I know she will love it and that I will adjust, but, my goodness, how I am going to miss her being with me at home!

Savour - this week's word of the week

It’s been a wonderful summer, a full summer and one that I am thankful to be able to look back on, knowing that we really did make the most of that time before the start of school. The things I wanted to do with my big girl before she started school have been done and I have so many wonderful memories of those pre-school days to look back on. I’m prepared for next week to be an emotional one but I’m thankful that there will be no regrets mixed in with my sadness over my big girl becoming a little more independent from me.


Things I have loved this week:

    • An afternoon exploring the gardens at Baddesley Clinton and having one of my photos from our day out featured by White Camellias in the #WorldofLittles round up.

Jessica and Sophie standing in front of a pretty door at Baddesley Clinton

    • Stepping back in time at the Black Country Living Museum and taking a boat trip into the Dudley canal tunnel.
    • Seeing how much the girls enjoyed a day out at CBeebies Land.

Jessica and Sophie meeting Duggie from Hey Duggie at CBeebies Land

    • A lazy morning having snuggles in bed with my girls.
    • Seeing history being brought to life on a day out at Kenilworth Castle.

A re-enactment of the Siege of Kenilworth

    • Remembering to book a shoe fitting appointment for Jessica’s school shoes and discovering how much easier it made the whole experience!
    • Picking blackberries and apples in Grandma’s garden and then making a cake with them.

A slice of blackberry and apple cake on a blue-flower patterned plate

    • Finding my first geocache.
    • Enjoying a picnic in the sunshine at an outdoor stay and play session.
    • Being able to use our preschool passes again at Legoland on the last couple of days of the summer holidays.

Jessica and Sophie with a giant pink brick at Legoland

The Reading Residence

12 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 02/09/16 – Savouring the end of summer

  1. What a lovely and fun-packed end to the holidays! It sounds wonderful. It must be such an emotional time with Jessica starting school but I am sure you will feel so much pride and excitement when she comes rushing out of school at the end of her first day!
    I just had to google what a geocache was! How exciting! X

  2. You have definitely packed it in and savoured this summer. It will be a lovely one to look back on. Looks like you were near me, too, as a lot of those places you visited are our regular haunts! I will be thinking of you next week, hope it goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Wow busy bee. Baddiley Clinton is beautiful likewise Kenilworth castle. You have done great filling your days full of fun and adventure. All the best with next week X #wotw

  4. It sounds like a wonderful week with lots of memories been made.
    Good luck to Jessica starting school. It is going to be such a big moment for you all! x

  5. I’ve never actually been to the Black Country but it looks like you had a great time. I reeeeally want to go to CBeebies land too. I think my E would go nuts for Duggee

  6. What a lovely week making lots of memories. I sure she will love school and the hours do fly by so quickly. The first day might not but before you know it its time to collect them again. I hope her first day goes well #WotW

  7. Aw I bet you will miss Jessica loads but so glad you packed loads in. Baddesley Clinton is down the road from me! You been in the Midlands? The weather looks amazing in your pics and really helped with picnics. So pleased you got a final LegoLand in! xx #wotw

  8. So many lovely memories of the summer for you to savour. I love the photo of the girls in front of that door at Baddesley Clinton. I also love the look of that cake you made!! #WotW

  9. You packed so much into your last week, looks like you’ve been making some wonderful summer memories for the children – so much fun. I love your photo of the girls at LegoLand, you really have made the most of your pre-school passes.
    I’m sure seeing Jessica go off to school will be emotional for you, especially when looking back on her journey. Have your tissues at the ready!

  10. What an amazing summer you’ve had Louise. You can really the buzz coming from your words and your pics. I hope Jessica gets on well at school #wotw

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