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Birthing without fear: a fight to allow women the right to choose their caregiver

Back in my pre-children days I worked as an independent midwife. I had the privilege of looking after women throughout their pregnancy – from the point at which they booked my care, right through to the birth of their babies and for six weeks afterwards. I loved the fact that I got to know the women I cared for and to be able to give them that continuity of care.… Read more

A pink heart on a yellow background with the text "Think 20. THINK HEART."

Think 20. Think HEART: Do you know what to expect from your 20-week scan?

The 20-week scan is an exciting moment for many pregnant women.  The opportunity to see your baby on screen again, and perhaps to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl.  As well as being an exciting moment, it’s also an important one.  This is the scan where the sonographer checks to make sure that the baby is developing normally and there are no abnormalities.… Read more

Birthday surprises

I’m somebody who likes to surprise my close family members on their birthdays, perhaps with an unexpected gift that has the personal touch or a surprise visit – such as the time I walked in an hour into my mum’s surprise 60th birthday at just the point that she was saying what a shame it was that all the family were able to be there apart from me (thinking I was at a dance competition that weekend).… Read more

Tiny Tickers – Heart Week 7th-14th February

February – a month that is all about hearts. Hearts, flowers, chocolates, Valentine’s cards. For me as a mummy to a child with a complex congenital heart defect (CHD), February also has added significance with regards to hearts as it is National Heart Month, with Heart Week taking place from 7th-14th February.… Read more

The NICE-est place to give birth

There’s been a lot of comments and activity in my social media feeds over the last couple of days about the new NICE guidelines on intrapartum care (care during the birth of a baby) which have been reported as home birth being ‘best’ for many mothers.
The NICE-est place to give birth - Little Hearts, Big Love

The NICE guidelines advising women that giving birth at home or in a midwife-led unit (such as a birthing centre) are aimed at women with uncomplicated term pregnancies (i.e.… Read more

The truth about… the 20 week scan

The 20 week scan. Often I’ve heard this referred to as a gender scan, a chance to see your baby once again and to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. And if that’s what you want to know, and you are able to find out, that’s great. But the purpose of the scan is not to find out baby’s gender.… Read more

Finding joy in the tough times

Joy, for me, is more than just being happy – it’s a much deeper emotion and I can honestly say that some of my most joyful moments have been during the most difficult times of my life.

Finding joy in the tough times - Little Hearts, Big Love

My pregnancy with Jessica was an incredibly joyous time. This might sound strange given that we found out about her heart condition at 20 weeks and were told that the chances of her survival were extremely low, but despite all the heartache we experienced during that time, there was also joy.… Read more