Word of the Week 16/05/14 – Milestones

This week’s word of the week is:The word 'milestones'It’s been quite a significant week for my two girls. On Sunday, Sophie sat without being supported for the very first time during crèche at church. Whilst she still tends to loll to one side and fall over, she is managing to sit by herself for longer and longer each day.


Tuesday was a milestone day for Jessica. It was exactly three years on from the day we were told that her heart defect was so severe that she was unlikely to be suitable for surgery after she was born and at best we were likely to only have hours with her. We sat sobbing in the hospital chapel that day and prayed for a miracle. Thank you God for granting us that miracle and allowing us to see that little girl grow and develop. She brings us so much joy.


Sophie also had another milestone moment on Tuesday with the appearance of her first tooth. This explains the extra night wakings we have had recently! She’s doing a lot of biting down on things and moving them to the back of her mouth. I wonder if she’ll be like Jessica and get her teeth in a slightly unusual order. Jessica got the bottom two teeth at the front first followed by four molars.


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2 thoughts on “Word of the Week 16/05/14 – Milestones

  1. Definitely a week of important of milestones for your family then. So precious those first for babies, and a miracle milestone for Jessica, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. These milestones are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your miracles =) #wotw

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