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This week has been quite a busy one as my twin sister and two nieces came to stay for a few days. My little girls have loved spending time with their:



What a fun week it has been for us all. We had a lovely day out at Legoland on Monday which my two nieces were very excited about as they had never been before. It was quite a different experience going with two older children who could go on all the rides (and as my sister doesn’t like rides which rock or spin, I got to go on a few rides with them!) We managed to find a few rides that everyone could go on though and despite the fact that it rained a few times during the day, we all had a wonderful time.


We were all tired out on Tuesday though after such a busy day so just enjoyed some fun time in the garden together, doing some footprint painting on lining paper and then cleaning off in the paddling pool afterwards. Then on Wednesday, we were off exploring one of the villages nearby and doing a treasure trail.

Jessica and Sophie have had so much fun with their cousins and Jessica was quite upset when they had to go home yesterday. For me it has been lovely to have two little helpers who want to do everything with my little ones – from changing nappies (even the stinky ones!) to helping feed Sophie at mealtimes and reading their bedtime stories. I’ve quite enjoyed being able to sit and relax at times whilst the two older girls played mummy to my babies, plus it has been lovely to spend time catching up with my twin. Hopefully we will be down to visit Nanny for a few days soon and will be able to spend some more time with them all.


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12 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Cousins

  1. I love it when my nieces entertain the boys! One of the reasons why I’m so looking forward to going on holiday with them today!! 🙂 I remember Monday was a bit thundery wasn’t it? Hope it didn’t ruin your enjoyment of Legoland too much (I can’t imagine that it did 🙂 ) Have a great weekend! #WotW

    1. Monday was a bit thundery – but it cleared up just before we headed off and I think it made it less busy at Legoland which meant we were able to go on more rides. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. My kids adore their cousins, too, and I had the pleasure of seeing my cousin whom I’ve not seen for years this week, too. Lots of family fun for us – hooray! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What a great day out and so lovely for your little ones to share it with their cousins 🙂 My two have been spending a lot of time with their cousins this week, they’re all similar ages and it is brilliant seeing them have so much fun together x

    1. Thank you – it’s so lovely when little ones have cousins to play with – how nice for your two that their cousins are close to them in age as well 🙂

  4. This sounds like a lovely week and could almost be a glimpse into my future as my girls will get their first cousin later this year – I was worried that the age gap would mean they wouldn’t want to hang out, but perhaps I was being a little short-sighted – I’m sure mine will love helping my sister out with all the baby stuff and then reading stories as he/she gets older. Thanks for making me see this!

    1. The age gap works surprisingly well – my nieces love helping out with my two and my little ones really look up to their cousins. They all have a lovely time together. I hope your girls will have the same with their cousin when he/she arrives.

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