I look in the mirror – what do I see?
A tired-out mummy stares back at me.
I see the grey hairs, the bags under the eyes
The tiger-striped tummy, the orange peel thighs
The wobbly bottom and no-longer-pert breasts
It’s clear that my body is now past its best
No longer a girl with a trim size 8 figure
Two babies have made me a few sizes bigger
But when I look at my body, it doesn’t depress me
My husband still tells me I’m gorgeous and sexy
And as for my babies, well I have a hunch
That Jessica sees cuddles and Sophie sees lunch
When they look at mummy, they don’t see the flab
They just think that mummy is funny and fab!
I’m proud of the changes my body’s gone through
In growing two babies and birthing them too
So I’ll wear those tiger-striped stretch marks with pride
Because what’s truly beautiful comes from inside

Β© Louise George – 1st August 2014
Beauty - Little Hearts, Big Love


Joining in with mumturnedmom for this week’s prompt: “Beauty”



18 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Love this so much, embracing and celebrating the changes motherhood brings to our body is definitely the way forward!

  2. Mother’s bodies are beautiful…
    I am a lot less critical of my stretch marks now because I know that they represent something that is beautiful beyond words.
    I love your poem! x

    1. Thank you – I felt at my most beautiful when pregnant – I was in awe of my body being able to grow and nurture a little person. Those stretch marks are beautiful because they represent that journey into motherhood πŸ™‚

  3. I love this poem. You’re right to be proud of your body – it’s a very impressive thing our bodies do when they grow and birth babies! Have you heard of the Paper Swans #bodybeautiful project? This poem fits perfectly with that and they have linkie that I think it would work really well with!

    1. Thank you – and thanks for letting me know about Paper Swans, have added it to the linky there too – some thought-provoking posts there πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful! I love your poem. We mummies should be proud of every mark that helped bring our babies in to the world. xx

  5. This is wonderful Louise, perfectly put! I sometimes struggle with accepting the stretch marks that three babies have left, but then I remind myself why they are there, and they don’t seem so bad! Brilliant poem, really love it. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    1. Thank you – the stretch marks do seem much better when you think more about why we have them! Lovely to join in with #ThePrompt again πŸ™‚

  6. This is very lovely. Mom’s body is so beautiful and portrays the great job she has done and the tireless efforts she has put in. Love this. πŸ™‚

  7. Wonderfully positive look at the way having babies changes us physically.
    I love my stretch marks. Even love my c-section scar (now. It took some emotional healing) because it reminds me of how fantastic my body is. X

  8. This is amazing – loved reading it.
    I hope to feel this way about my body one day. Really lovely xx

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