Word of the Week – Balance

This week has mostly seen me trying to find the right:


It’s been quite an exhausting week in many ways especially as hubby has been working crazy hours and has barely been home other than to grab a few short hours of sleep before heading back to work again. September is always a bit of a mad month for events. It means that I’ve been on my own with the girls, trying to juggle all the demands of being a busy stay-at-home mum single-handedly without much back-up. I shouldn’t moan really – I know there are thousands of mums up and down the country who have to manage on their own every day and I take my hat off to them – I love my children dearly, but parenting is hard work sometimes.

I’ve realised as a result that I need to look after myself too – without any real back-up available from hubby this week, it is all too easy for me to feel overwhelmed especially if I’m struggling along on hardly any sleep. I’ve had to accept that some days I can have sleep or a little bit of me time but not both and that sleep has to be the priority. Because if I don’t look after myself, if I don’t do what I can to get enough sleep then all that happens is I get tired and cranky and find myself snapping at the children for being… just children. Not naughty which is how my tired brain often sees it – just little children who are trying to get mummy’s attention, or need to sleep, or are hungry. They’re not trying to make mummy cross, and it’s not their fault that mummy is tired and is low on patience. And so I have been making sure I take time out when I can – ignoring the urge to sit at the computer and write when my tired brain tells me sleep would be a better plan, putting the phone down and focusing on quality time with the girls, getting out and about and enjoying the fresh air and knowing that by being kind to myself, I’m being a much better mummy to my girls too.


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12 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Balance

  1. Great word. I think parenting is a balancing act most days. Especially for the primary carer whether they work outside the home or not. We all have our own balancing acts to master and some will find their groove easier than others. Good luck with yours.

  2. Oh yes, absolutely. I need sleep too-something that’s been elusive for me this week and I notice the difference in my attitude and get annoyed with myself about it too. You are most definitely being the best mummy you can by the sounds of it x

    1. Thank you – I definitely don’t feel that way when tiredness makes me short-tempered but I remind myself that I am human and not perfect and we all have off days. Hope you get some more sleep soon too x

  3. It is hard when hubby goes away, I can totally relate to that as mine is starting to go away more and more. You’re right we need to keep a balance in mind and just noticing this I think makes you a good mum. #WoTW

  4. Fab word, and all so true. It’s easy to get short of patience when you yourself are feeling run down, but a walk or an early night can make such a difference. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. “I’ve realised as a result that I need to look after myself too” Yes yes yes. It took me a while to realise this but it is so true. Happy mummies are the best mummies I think. Sorry you’ve had some tough moments, hugs xx

  6. Brilliant word!! Life is just one big balancing act!!
    Hope you manage to get caught up on your sleep soon x

    1. Thanks Kim – managed a nap this afternoon which was a lifesaver after both girls decided to be wide-awake from 11pm to 2.30am. I think they just wanted to see the start of ther results for the Scottish referendum… 🙂

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