#withkindnessandlove 8 – embarking on 40acts of kindness for Lent

#withkindnessandlove is a weekly series which is part of my #365daysofkindness project which I am taking on during this year. Each week, I will be sharing some stories of kindness along with some things that have made me smile during the week.  Some weeks I might share a quote that has inspired me, or some suggestions for small acts of kindness that I have come across.


Today is the start of Lent. For the last few years, I have joined in with 40acts – a generosity challenge for Lent. One act of kindness each day throughout Lent. This year, for the first time, we’ll be taking part in 40acts as a family. We have our copy of the wallchart with suggested acts for each day, stickers for marking them off as well go along and the girls are looking forward to taking part. If you’d like to join in too, you can read more about 40acts here.

Our 40acts wallchart - #withkindnessandlove - embarking on 40acts of kindness for Lent

Little moments of kindness

A couple of weeks’ ago, Sophie appeared in our local paper due to her winning a trophy for being the youngest person to travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats last year. Unfortunately I completely managed to miss her being in the paper and only realised when I spotted the article online. Thanks to social media though I managed to get hold a copy after putting a request on a local Facebook group. The lovely lady who still had the paper and gave me her copy also happens to be a blogger. Thank you so much Jelly with the Belly – it meant a lot to me to have the copy of the paper to put in Sophie’s memory box.

A photo of Sophie from our local paper

“We were on the underground [last week] and just before they got off, a woman made her daughter give my little girl her extra balloon. I think it was just from McDonalds but my daughter’s face was a delight!.” (Alison – Five Little Stars)


“So grateful when people are kind when you have kids. My daughter who was 3 at the time was on a train singing happily “do you want to build a snow man” not loud but you could hear and a woman got really mad and told her to be quiet. I was trying to keep her quiet, but she kept singing and you could see this lady getting really annoyed so another passenger started singing along with my daughter really confidently to support her on the train. Then I joined in and it was really amazing! Best act of kindness from a stranger I have seen! Lots of people on the train smiling and lady moved!” (A Positive Parent)


Sharing some blog love

A blog post that I have loved

My challenge this year is all about the little things that I can do each day to make a difference. Mum Muddling Through shared a wonderful post on how we can all be superheroes in our own ways with some suggestions on the little things we can do to help save the world.


A photo that made me smile

Who can fail to smile at a cute baby photo and this one from @mudpiefridays is one of the most adorable photos I’ve ever seen.  The hat, the big eyes and that smile – awwww!


Awwww. My Baby!! Its Friday tomorrow so I get to spend the whole day with this little one – fingers crossed for good weather!

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If you have any stories about being on the receiving end of an act of kindness that you’d like me to include in a future blog post, please feel free to email them to me at louise @ littleheartsbiglove.co.uk or fill in the form here.


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6 thoughts on “#withkindnessandlove 8 – embarking on 40acts of kindness for Lent

  1. This is a lovely idea and I am off to look at how to get involved with the 40 acts of kindness. Being kind is a big deal to me and something I want to encourage others to do. xx #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thank you Fi – it’s such a lovely way of encouraging kindness. Hope you enjoy it if you do take part 🙂

  2. This is such a lovely post, I look forward to it each week. I don’t really socialise so when I do speak to someone it’s often in a negative context as they think I’ve done something wrong or they’re not happy with what the children are doing etc. It’s lovely to read about some positive things on your blog to remind me that not everyone’s so bad!

    1. Thank you so much Nat – sorry to hear that your social interactions are often negative though. Glad that my blog helps remind you that there are lovely things out there too x

  3. I love your series. It’s so uplifting to see so many fantastic positive actions occurring on our planet. #BloggerClubUK

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