Me and Mine: February 2017 – Ordinary family moments

This month has been the kind of month I long for when hubby gets busy at work and is away for days on end. A month full of ordinary family moments. Evenings when hubby is home before the children fall asleep. Mornings when there is a second pair of hands to help get the girls out of the door and off to school and preschool. Weekends of just being together as a family.
Having that time together makes such a difference. We all feel more settled for it, we’re all happier.


The girls have enjoyed moments where they get to have Daddy all to themselves. Naturally, I take advantage of this to get some me time too! Hubby has got into the LEGO Dimensions game and it seems to be the favourite activity on a Saturday morning at the moment! Jessica is getting quite good at working out how to play it. Every so often she manages to discover a new move that hubby hadn’t come across! Sophie is generally quite happy as long as she has the character she wants. Her characters tend to just wander aimlessly around the screen but she’s quite happy with that.

Jessica, me, Sophie and hubby at the table with the Playmobil - Me and Mine: February 2017

My favourite moments though are the screen-free ones. The moments of getting out and about in the fresh air and exploring together. Spending time together playing a game or joining in with the girls as they play with their toys. Sitting around the table eating dinner together (on the rare occasions that both girls are happy eat what is on their plates anyway!)

Me, Jessica, hubby and Sophie sitting on the bed

This month’s photos are all about the ordinary family moments. I left them to the last minute and just grabbed a few snaps of the four of us playing together with the Playmobil and snuggling up on the bed together. The little everyday moments that make up family life. These are the moments that I know I’ll miss when hubby gets busy again and I find myself flying solo once more. In the meantime though, I’ll make the most of having some family time!


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20 thoughts on “Me and Mine: February 2017 – Ordinary family moments

  1. I love that one of the four of you snuggled on the bed… Definitely one for a frame! I love it when my hub’s around a bit more too… It makes SUCH a difference!

    1. Thank you Claire – it does make such a difference to have that extra pair of hands doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. I love these – the one of you all on the bed is just gorgeous! It’s always the simple moments that are the most special as a family, isn’t it – the just sitting around and getting stuck into an activity together. Lovely that you’ve managed to have so much time together this month – ours has been the opposite, but I have lots of good things planned for March!

    1. Thank you Katy. It is nice to capture the simple moments. Hope that March is a lovely month for you and you get to enjoy more family time 🙂

  3. Oh I’m so glad you’ve managed to get some time to yourself and you’ve had some help and time with your husband this week. It’s a nightmare when they’re away, it’s really useful to have an extra pair of hands.

    1. Thank you Nat – it is hard when they’re away. So nice to have more family time at the moment 🙂

  4. I’m quite often away for work so I enjoy reading about life on the other side of the coin, when I’m home and able to give him some peace and quiet and play with our girl. Sounds like some lovely moments in your house in February #meandmineproject

    1. Yes, I guess it must be the other way around for you – interesting to hear the other side. It is nice to have those family moments though – am sure it will get busy again and back to being ships passing in the night but for now I’ll make the most of it! 🙂

  5. Ahh gorgeous family moments captured this month. I love a good family snuggle we do this too. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. #meandmineproject

    1. Thanks Katy. Some days I’m not quite sure how I manage either but it all works out somehow! x

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