A weekend with Monty the Monkey

I love the weekends – two whole days to spend with my two little monkeys.  This weekend, we had another not-quite-so-little monkey join us – Monty, the class toy. He’s almost as big as Jessica, who was very excited to be taking him home with her for the weekend.  It was a good weekend to have Monty – we had plenty of activities planned and the girls loved bringing him along to them.

A very excited little Jessica taking Monty the monkey home for the weekend

Friday evenings are very busy.  There’s just enough time to get home from school and grab a snack before it’s time to head out for Jessica’s ballet class. We had a spare tutu and ballet cardigan and couldn’t resist dressing Monty up so he was ready to join in!
Jessica and Monty the monkey dressed in their ballet outfits

After ballet, Jessica has Girls’ Brigade. There’s not quite enough time to go home for tea so I always pack a picnic tea which we eat at church before Jessica gets changed into her Girls’ Brigade uniform.  Jessica was delighted when Captain managed to find a spare polo shirt for Monty to wear  and she drew a lovely picture of Monty at Girls’ Brigade.
Jessica and Monty the monkey at Girls' Brigade

We had just enough time for a quick game of Rain or Shine with Monty after getting home before it was time for bed.

Jessica and Monty the monkey playing Rain or Shine

Monty went to another ballet class on Saturday morning – this time though he was just watching Sophie dancing.
Jessica and Monty the monkey watching Sophie's ballet class 
After ballet, we headed down to the New Forest for the Families of Ocean Ward Christmas party. This is one of my favourite events of the festive season – the chance to meet up with other heart families as well as getting to see Father Christmas.  Jessica made a new friend at the party – another little girl with a similar heart condition. Two little miracles together, two little girls with half a heart – one the left side; the other the right.  Seeing Jessica and her new friend having fun together was the highlight of the party for me.
Jessica and Monty the monkey at the Families of Ocean Ward Christmas party

Jessica might have made a new friend at the party, but Monty wasn’t forgotten about! He posed with the girls for a photo with Scotty the clown and got to meet Father Christmas too!

Jessica, Sophie and Monty the monkey with Scotty the clown

Me, hubby, Jessica, Sophie and Monty the monkey with Father Christmas 
Sunday was a quieter day.  Monty came to church with us and helped to keep Jessica and Sophie entertained while waiting for Mummy and Daddy to finish their concert rehearsal after church.  Back home again, we finished off the weekend by playing some more board games together.

Jessica and Monty at church standing in front of the Advent candles

Jessica loved sticking all the photos of our weekend’s activities into Monty’s book and looking through all the photos of where Monty had been before he came to visit us. I quite enjoyed having three little monkeys this weekend and it was lovely to see how much Jessica enjoyed having Monty stay with us.

Bubbablue and me




13 thoughts on “A weekend with Monty the Monkey

  1. Aww! It sounds like you all had a fab time…
    My girl has a little toy monkey which goes everywhere with her. I’ve just showed her these photos and now she wants a Monty! hehehe

    1. Thank you Kim, we did have fun. Sophie has a couple of smaller toy monkeys too – I should have taken a photo of them with Monty as well! 🙂

  2. How lovely that Jessica made a new friend! And you’re very good with Monty – I tend to forget about the class toy until Sunday night…

  3. When I thought of class mascot I didn’t think he’d be that big. He’s rather large! I’m amazed Jessica can cope with those Fridays. N only does tennis and that’s hard enough after a week at school. She must love her after school activities

    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

    1. He is huge! I’m always impressed by how well Jessica copes with the craziness of our Friday afternoons – she does love both ballet and Girls’ Brigade and we would have dropped one or other if she was finding it too much. Lovely to link up to #schooldays, thank you for hosting 🙂

  4. Hi Louise, how lovely you could give Monty such a fun-filled, busy weekend. It looks like he had a wonderful time, although I can’t imagine a monkey being too good at ballet! Your girls are as adorable as ever and the Ocean Ward Christmas party sounds like a lovely event for Jessica to be able to attend.


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