To Sophie at six

Darling Sophie

You are now six years old. Six. It sounds so grown-up. My baby girl is becoming quite a big girl now! I think though, you will always be my baby girl, no matter how big you get.


Sophie in front of a white door wearing her sailor outfit for The Sound of Music - "To Sophie at six"


What a fun week you had for your last week of being five. Making your musical theatre debut as Gretl von Trapp in The Sound of Music. What a joy it was to see you perform, to see your confidence and the way you absolutely stole the show. To watch you and your stage siblings bond, and have so much fun together. How lovely it was to see you in the role of little sister once more too. I think you enjoyed that as well.


Sophie wearing her curtain playdress from The Sound of Music


I’ve been so proud of you during this whole production. It amazed me how quickly you learned your lines and all your moves on stage. You were a little star and while you were happy that people enjoyed coming to see you on stage with Mummy, none of the compliments went to your head. You were just your sweet self throughout it all; just a little girl having the best fun being on stage.


Darling girl, I am proud of your kindness and your sweet nature. You have the most loving little heart; you are cheeky and funny and full of charm. I love how easily you make friends with other children; how you help encourage them on and include them if they are shy. I love watching you with your little brother; seeing how helpful you are with him and how proud you are of all his little achievements. The way you chat about Jessica and always, always include her name when writing birthday cards or talking about your family and how you often kiss her photo goodnight. I know you miss your big sister very much, and I see how the love you had for each other is passed down to Thomas. Jessica would be so very proud of the big sister you have become.


Sophie looking at Thomas at Jessica's forever bed


I am glad that you had such a lovely birthday and weren’t too exhausted after a busy week being in a show. I loved watching you open your cards and presents; the way you took your time, reading every single card and really looking at each gift before opening the next one. We had a lovely post-show lunch with some of our fellow cast members from The Sound of Music and you enjoyed your birthday cake. You’re looking forward to spreading out the birthday fun over the next week too as you still have your birthday party to look forward to at the end of half-term.


Sophie blowing out the candle on her Connie the Caterpillar birthday cake


It is lovely that you are so excited about being six. Seeing you enjoying your sixth birthday brought back so many memories of Jessica on her last birthday though. It seems so strange that you are now the same age as Jessica was. I still think of you as being the little sister and yet you are about to start overtaking your big sister. And as lovely as it is to see you creating our own path, it does make me feel very sad that you don’t have Jessica leading the way anymore. That these are new experiences she can never share. But know always how much she loved you and how very proud she would be of you.


A photo of Jessica sitting next to Sophie with Thomas in front of Sophie


Darling Sophie, I hope this year of being six will be full of fun and happy memories. I love you more than words can ever say. You are my little whirlwind, my little ray of sunshine and you bring me so much joy each and every day.


Love you millions and billions

Mummy xxxxxx


6 thoughts on “To Sophie at six

  1. What a lovely little girl you are raising, she really is a credit to you. Even I still think of Sophie as the little sister, I’m sure Jessica would be just as proud of her. I’m glad she had such a lovely birthday and had her card read out on Cbeebies. How exciting! I only wished I could have seen you both perform in The Sound of Music. Big birthday wishes to your lovely little girl xx

  2. What a lovely tribute to your daughter. I am sure you had a wonderful time watching her shine in the Sound of Music. I am sure her big sister is looking down on her with love!

    1. Thank you Laurie. I’m sure Jessica would be very proud of her little sister. It was so lovely to watch Sophie on stage last week 🙂

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