To Jessica on her 4th birthday

Darling Jessica,

This time four years ago, we didn’t know if we would even have four days with you – to have been blessed with four years is just amazing. What a rollercoaster those four years have been with all your hospital stays and heart surgeries. You have been through so much in your four years on this earth and you amaze me every day with your strength and your zest for life.

To Jessica on her 4th birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

This year has been the first one in which there have been no admissions to hospital – and I hope with all my heart that it won’t be the last. This year, hospital check-ups aside, we have just been like any other family, enjoying normal, everyday life and making happy memories. We have enjoyed so many days out to different places. One of the first questions you ask me when you first wake in the morning is “what are we going to do today?” – you love to get out and about and explore.

Two little girls running hand-in-hand: The Friday Focus 22/05/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Legoland is probably your favourite out of all the places we visit. I love the way you and Sophie love to walk along hand-in-hand as you explore Miniland. Miniland and the Lego Friends show are always the two things we have to go to on every visit, and we always have to make sure we say hello to the “fairies” as you call the Lego Friends after the show has finished. We’ve now reached the point that they all recognise and remember you and Sophie!

A day out at Legoland - The Friday Focus 04/09/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

This year has seen some big milestones on your journey. You started preschool back in January and loved it from the first moment. To see you on your first day, waiting to go in and waving at all the other children as though you had known them forever, made me feel so proud of you. You are so confident and sociable. By the end of the week, you were firm friends with H and E who have remained your best friends ever since.

To Jessica on her first day at preschool - Little Hearts, Big Love

There have been so many proud mummy moments – watching you taking part in your first Easter concert, seeing you running with the other children in your first sports day. You might have finished last but as you crossed the finish line, you were proud to announce that you were “the winner!” – you will always be a winner in my eyes, my darling.

Jessica's a winner at her first sport's day - The Friday Focus 26/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

This last summer has been all about completing various challenges. We finally finished visiting all the gold postboxes during our holiday on the Isle of Man and it has been wonderful to look back on all the photos over the last three years and see how you have grown up during the challenge. Your favourite challenge has been our hunt for the Shaun the Sheep in London and Bristol – you love looking at all the different sheep on the app and naming them all. I am quite impressed at how many you can remember!

Silent Sunday 19/07/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

This year, I have really seen your imagination blossom – it is a joy to watch you playing with your toys and to get a glimpse into the world of your imagination. I love to listen to you chatter away as you play – you are a little chatterbox and there is always a running commentary of what the toys are doing. It makes me chuckle to hear you mimicking some of the things that I say on a regular basis – thankfully you have yet to repeat anything too embarrassing! You also love to sing to yourself as you play – the “rainybow song” from Bing seems to be a firm favourite at the moment.

Rose Petal Cottage Playhouse - Little Hearts, Big Love

Over the last year, you have gradually become a little more aware of your “special heart”. You know that you have a “zip” and that one of your friends does too, and you know that your zip is there because the doctor made your poorly heart better. You are getting more able to articulate when your heart condition affects you – telling us if you are tired, or feeling cold, or need to rest. You certainly don’t let it hold you back though – you always live life to its fullest.

Black & White Photography Project - Little Hearts, Big Love

Darling Jessica, you are so confident and full of joy. You love to be around other people and I am so proud that you are so sociable and polite. You are such a loving little girl – hearing you say “I love you Mummy” every single day melts my heart and I love that you always make sure that you give Sophie a big cuddle and kiss and say “I love you Sophie” every night before you fall asleep. You are beautiful, brave and I am so very blessed to be your mummy.

The end of summer - Little Hearts, Big Love

Love you millions and billions


Mummy xxxxx



22 thoughts on “To Jessica on her 4th birthday

  1. What a beautiful post about an amazing girl. It brought a tear to my eye. It sounds like she’s achieved so much and had so much fun over the last year.
    Happy birthday, Jessica! Here’s to more years without hospital admissions. X

    1. Thank you Sarah – it has been such a lovely year and so wonderful to see Jessica doing so well 🙂

  2. What a beautiful post! Full of hope and love and your gorgeous little girls beaming smile… I am writing this through weapy eyes! You have all been through so much but what a fighter you have for a daughter! A whole year with no addmissions is amazing… may it be the first of many! Happy belated birthday Jessica!

    1. Thank you Claire – she is certainly a little fighter and it has been so wonderful to have a year without any hospital admissions 🙂

  3. What a lovely birthday post, and Jessica really does sound like a special little girl. Love the running commentaries children do although it does worry me what N might come out with next!

  4. What a lovely post Louise and the perfect opportunity to share all that you are so proud of – and rightly so! Jessica sounds like a little trouper. Well done to her on so many counts. Thank you for linking up to #loudnproud today 🙂

    1. Thank you Suzanne – so lovely to celebrate Jessica’s 4th birthday and am so proud of how far she has come. Lovely to link up, thank you for hosting 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous heartfelt post, your love for her shines through in this post. She is such a little fighter and she always looks so happy and she sounds like such a lovely special little girl. I hope that she had a wonderful birthday xx

    1. Thank you Lindsay, she certainly is a little fighter and she had a lovely birthday 🙂

  6. What an lovely post for an amazing little lady. I’m in tears. She really is a superstar. Happy Birthday Jessica, I hope you had a great day.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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