The day I flashed Santa

The day I flashed Santa

The photo above was taken on Christmas morning on the cardiac ward. It was Jessica’s first Christmas and she had been transferred to the ward from the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) the day before after having spent 10 days on PICU recovering from open heart surgery. The ward was beautifully decorated, the nurses had donned reindeer antlers and Santa hats, there was a stocking by every child’s cot or bed containing not just a present for the child on the ward, but a little something for their family too. Jessica had just treated me to her first smile following the heart surgery (which was the best Christmas present ever as far as I was concerned) and had gone back to sleep whilst I sat and expressed some milk for the local milk bank.

I could sense the excitement as Father Christmas entered the ward to visit all the children in person. As he made his way towards Jessica’s cot, I put the pump down, jumped up to grab my camera ready to record this moment for Jessica’s blog – being visited by Father Christmas on her very first Christmas morning.

“Look, Jessica, it’s Father Christmas!” I exclaimed joyfully – although Jessica remained fast asleep and totally oblivious to this momentous occasion. As Father Christmas leaned over her cot, I took a couple of photos.

“Merry Christmas!” I said, as Father Christmas hurried away from the cot, mumbling festive greetings in return.

I put down the camera, headed back to my chair to start expressing again – and promptly realised that my top was still pulled down and my right breast was hanging out in all its glory. No wonder Father Christmas had looked so uncomfortable!

Yes, I flashed Santa! Any other breastfeeding mamas had any similar experiences of unintentional flashing?

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  1. I started reading your post with a few sobs… I know she is all OK, but seeing a photo of your gorgeous little girl in a hospital bed makes me feel so emotional. You and your family have gone through so much, my lovely Louise. You are a strong, determined, loving mummy… a true heart mummy.

    … and I ended reading in laughing! You must have scared Father Christmas off, bwahaha!

    1. Oh Mel, thank you for your lovely comment – we have been through quite a journey and I do try to be those lovely things that you think I am although I don’t always succeed. It was a very funny moment – made our first Christmas that little bit more memorable although perhaps not for the right reasons! 🙂

  2. Like Mel above I was so touched with your special photograph of Jessica and Santa meeting for the first time but by the end of your post had tears of laughter.
    A brilliant photo and story.
    p.s. it’s been 29 years since I breast feed so if I flashed anyone I’ve blocked it out! ;D

  3. What a lovely thing for the hospitals to arrange, it must be horrid for any child in hospital over christmas and this could really make a difference. A first Santa photo full of memories for you. Popping over from What’s the Story

    1. Thanks Sara – it was a very memorable day for lots of reasons and still can’t believe I flashed Santa! 🙂

  4. Oh my word, I can just imagine how embarrassed you’d be! Thing is, would you ever recognise him out in the street again – or would he recognise you?! #whatsthestory

    1. Lol, it was quite embarrassing. I certainly wouldn’t recognise him again – not sure if the reverse would be true! 🙂

  5. Amazing!!
    I love the photo and it such a special moment, especially your first smile =)

    I love that you flashed Father Christmas!! How many people can say that!
    Made me giggle and cheered me right up after a long Monday on so many levels.

    Beautiful post =)

    1. Thank you – glad it cheered you up and sorry your Monday felt so long, hope today will be a better day for you x

  6. You made me giggle hard =P

    You have corrupted Santa!

    i have once flashed a father in a ER of a children’s hospital. I am so sorry. But my son was really cranky with 40plus temp and the only way to comfort him is breastfeeding. I didnt know he was there and I thought its just me and my son. Took the boob out and when I looked up there he is!

    So there you are not alone =)


    1. Lol, I’ve probably flashed a few people in my time whilst breastfeeding to be honest but Santa is still my funniest. Breastfeeding is great when little ones are poorly – Sophie’s unwell at the moment and wants to breastfeed quite a lot for comfort x

    1. Lol, he probably did laugh about it afterwards – at the time I think he just didn’t know where to look! 🙂

  7. Like Mel, I started off feeling my eyes brimming seeing the photo of your daughter covered in wires 🙁 but did end the post laughing out loud as that’s happened to me on so many occasions, although maybe not to Santa! It happened to me just yesterday to the postman who knocked mid feed! Thank you for turning my frown upside down! Xxx

    1. Ah glad it made you laugh by the end of the post. It’s so easy to unintentionally flash someone when interrupted mid-feed (or mid-express as in my case that day!) x

    1. Thanks Aby – will do. It’s certainly been quite a journey – that Christmas we were mostly just thankful that Jessica had got through another heart surgery and we were able to celebrate Christmas with her. Flashing Santa was quite a funny moment in amongst it all x

  8. What a wonderful story and I’m so impressed you can laugh about what must have been such a stressful time. I bet Santa has recounted his encounter to the elves too!. My neighbour walked to school and it was only when she got to playground that she realised she had a boob out – it was a warm day!

    1. Thanks Afra – it was a stressful time but there are quite a lot of happy moments and magical memories in amongst it all too. I’ve never had such a public incidence of flashing as your neighbour though – that must have been very embarrassing! x

  9. That’s absolutely brilliant! I’m still chuckling… I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to avoid any unintentional flashing, though an old school friend once opened the door to some Jehovah’s witnesses with her boob out having been interrupted mid feed. They scarpered pretty quickly. xx

    1. Lol, that’s hilarious! Never thought of that as a way of deterring them. That said, the Jehovah’s witnesses who knock on my door are two very lovely ladies – I’m usually quite happy to have a brief chat, they give me the magazine (which I must confess goes in the recycling box as soon as I close the door!) and we all then go on happily with our day x

  10. Oh yikes! I’m sure he was secretly delighted though! 😉 And your little girl will love this story when she’s all grown up herself! Xx

    1. Lol, I think he didn’t know quite how to react – will definitely be a funny story to tell each year! 🙂

  11. Fabulous post! Who couldn’t read ‘The Day I Flashed Santa!’, it really made me smile! I’ll have a Breastfeeding Diaries for you to link up to, I’m just having a little rebrand and going to a monthly linky so will let you know when it’s sorted Zx

    1. Thanks Zena – glad it made you smile. Will look forward to linking up with the Breastfeeding Diaries again when it’s back up and running – there is so much else to think of this time of year, isn’t there? x

  12. This did make me giggle Louise! I think I was always terrified of exposing myself when I was breastfeeding – Santa definitely got more than he bargained for that day! Lovely to know that the children are treated to a visit at Christmas though. Xxx #sharewithme

    1. Thanks Sam – the hospital were really good at Christmas, we had so many different visits from various charities wanting to provide toys for the children – as well as a few Santas we also had visits from Peppa Pig and George – they do try really hard to make it special for the children x

    1. Lol, I think it might have been one of the more memorable visits he had at the hospital that day! 🙂

  13. The good thing is that you managed to capture a photo that you’ll never forget. I hope your darling recovered well from the surgery. Your story really made me smile!

    1. Thank you – it was definitely a memorable moment and yes, she did recover well from the surgery, thank you 🙂

  14. Oohhhh hun that really is funny! I think we’ve aaalll done it at some point! I flashed the Tesco delivery man as he arrived mid-feed, the poor bloke didn’t know where to look and I was mortified when I realised that my left boob was on full display!!

    1. Lol, I haven’t flashed the Tesco man yet but there’s still plenty of opportunity to do so! 🙂

  15. The Mothers say – We couldn’t show Lucas this post as he would start giggling uncontrollably but bless you……… you gave Santa a little present too!!! #sharewithme

  16. Ooops!!! Great story despite the situation. Got a real lump in my throat when you wrote about the first smile. PS I’m pretty sure Santa had no objections…………… #sharewithme

  17. Oh bless your little heart it was a moment that couldn’t be missed for sure not even to do up your shirt. lol I have done it a few times one was the postman was feeding and he saw the back of me in the window of my living room so kept pushing the doorbell over and over. So I detached baby set her in her bassinet and ran for the door as I had another baby my son a little older sleeping for a nap. I forgot to do up my top. Postman threw package at me and ran. so funny. Glad I am not the only one. But Santa that’s a great one to tell Jessica when she is older. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

    1. Lol, can just imagine your postman’s reaction! So easily done! Lovely to link up to #sharewithme again – thank you as always for hosting 🙂

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