To Sophie… now you are four

Darling Sophie,

Today is your fourth birthday. I know it’s a cliché but I really can’t quite believe you are four already. Where on earth have those last four years gone? It really doesn’t seem that long ago that you were a baby and now you’re getting to be such a big girl.


Sophie wearing a pink witches' outfit - "To Sophie... now you are four"


The last year has seen a couple of big milestones for you. You started preschool back in January and it has been lovely to see how much you enjoy it. You have made a few friends at preschool and when I ask you who you’ve played with, you always say the same names. Three little girls who are all your best friends. It is lovely to know that you are so happy at preschool and that you enjoy it so much. I always love to hear about your morning when I pick you up. I hadn’t expected to hear much about it, but you are usually quite chatty on the walk home and happy to tell me about what you did that day.


Sophie wearing her preschool jumper, ready for her first day


You enjoyed taking part in your first ballet show over the summer. It was lovely to watch on stage, and to see you enjoying your dance class each week. You have a big smile on your face throughout and your love of dance shines through. Earlier this month you got to take home the baby ballet class cup for doing so well in your class and you were so proud of it. You love to dance around the front room at home, especially when Strictly is on the TV. I love watching you and Jessica dancing together and trying to copy the routines.


Sophie performing in one of the dances at her end-of-term ballet class


Your relationship with Jessica is wonderful to see. You have such a lovely bond and have really become equal partners in play over the last year. Watching you two playing together so nicely, lost in your own imaginary world, brings me so much joy. I love the way you are so caring towards your big sister. You are becoming more aware that Jessica can’t always keep up with you and gets tired more easily than you do. There are times when it seems your roles reverse; moments when you are looking out for Jessica and trying to help her. I particularly loved the way you took Jessica’s hand to help her walk uphill when we visited Upton House over the summer.


Sophie holding Jessica's hand and helping her to walk uphill


One of your favourite things at the moment is having songs at bedtime. Your favourite is “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” and you take great delight in tickling Mummy when it comes to the line about the spider “who wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her!” You are still very much a Mummy’s girl – you adore your daddy but there are definitely times when only Mummy will do.


Darling Sophie, you are warm and funny, kind and caring, full of smiles and laughter and mischief. You have an adorably cheeky smile and an infectious laugh. You are very strong-willed at times – you know what you want and have quite a determined streak! That feistiness is definitely something you get from me!


Sophie dressing up in a red blazer and yellow Edwardian skirt


Unfortunately you missed out on having a birthday party this year because you and Jessica were both unwell the day before the party. You did have a busy weekend before that at your friends’ birthday parties and I think this probably helped ease some of your disappointment. We did have a little tea party at home instead and Nanny and Auntie Fizz came over to see you. We will have another little tea party at home today. Sadly Daddy is away at the moment but Grandma and Grandad will pop over.


Sophie holding a pile of leaves ready to throw


Happy birthday my wonderful little Sophie-woo. You are a little ray of sunshine and you bring me so much joy. I love the way you throw yourself at me for cuddles and kisses – you are so full of love and affection. I am so lucky to be your mummy and so thankful that you are my little girl. You make the world a brighter place just by being in it. Hope you have a wonderful 4th birthday my darling girl.


Love you millions and billions


Mummy xxxx

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