Simple childhood fun at Denham Country Park

Denham Country Park is one of my favourite places to explore with the girls. It is perfect for enjoying simple outdoor fun. There is a bridge near the visitor centre that is perfect for Poohsticks, woods to explore, a stream to paddle in, a nearby canal lock and a fab play area.


Jessica, Sophie and C splashing in a stream - "Simple childhood fun at Denham Country Park"


We recently met up with friends for a day out at Denham Country Park with a family photo shoot thrown in. It was the first time we’d met our friends’ daughter C who is slightly younger than Sophie. I love the way that children seem to make friends so easily with each other. The three girls were soon exploring and having fun together.


The sand pit in the play area is always a big hit with my girls. This time, Sophie was more keen on the swings but Jessica was having a wonderful time making sand angels and building sandcastles.


Jessica making a sand angel in the sand pit


There are lots of things to climb in the play area. Jessica was quite proud of herself for managing to get to the top of the climbing net.


Jessica climbing up the climbing net


It started raining just as we were about to have our picnic lunch. There are picnic benches under cover near the visitor centre but unfortunately they were being painted that day. Thankfully there is a small shelter near the play area which was perfect. My friend and her husband had brought some big umbrellas with them, which the girls had lots of fun with.


Sophie with a big rainbow coloured umbrella


My friend Zoe brought some of her handmade dresses with her for the girls to wear for the photoshoot. Once the rain had eased off, it was quick change time ready for an outdoor photoshoot.


Jessica and Sophie in vintage style dresses and pinafores, holding bunches of lavender


I loved the way that Zoe made the photoshoot fun for the girls. There were a couple of posed shots but most of the photos were of the girls just running around and having fun. This photo of the girls cuddling each other is my favourite.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie cuddling each other


Once the girls had got changed back into their normal dresses, we headed over to the stream. I had brought the pond dipping kit for the girls. They were more interested in collecting stones in the tray and trying to skim them though!


Jessica, Sophie and C splashing in the stream


Once they were dried off, Jessica settled down on a bench to write in her nature journal. She’s been enjoying writing a sentence or two about her day in a journal. It’s a good way for her to practice writing – and even better that she wants to do it without me prompting her!


Jessica looking thoughtful about what to write in her nature journal


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17 thoughts on “Simple childhood fun at Denham Country Park

  1. What a wonderful family afternoon out with friends, everyone looks like they had a wonderful time! That shot of the girls in your friend’s home made dresses cuddling is just adorable, that will definitely be a keep in the years to come. It’s so sweet seeing Jessica making sand angels, she looks like she’s having a wonderful time there, and the three of them playing in the river together is just lovely.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. What a fabulous day, despite the rain. My kids love playing in the water and finding things. I love how happy Jessica looks in the sand angel photo. And how lovely to manage a photo shoot during the day too. Wonderful!

  3. Sometimes the simple days are the best days. There’s nothing better than frolicking in the water. Love the photoshoot image x Popping over #CountryKids

  4. What beautiful dresses. Those photos are adorable of them dressed up. N’s never been pond dipping – I should really take him to a brook he can walk in. #countrykids

  5. Those handmade dresses are just adorable. Love the photos too. The girls as usual look lovely. Looks like a fun place to visit. I love places with nearby woods to explore too 🙂 #countrykids

  6. Wow! Those dresses are gorgeous and what a beautiful shot!! Looks like a perfect place for a photo shoot!
    I used to keep journals up until my teens and loved recording what we’d been up to #countrykids

  7. Could your little girl look any more happy in the sandpit and those umbrellas are amazing but yes you are right the cuddling picture is a real keeper, gorgeous. Mich x #Countrykids

  8. That photo of the two girls really is gorgeous – definitely one to frame. Jessica also looks so long in the sandpit, I’m amazed at how grown up she looks in these photos #CountryKids

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the country park. It’s funny how our intentions are not necessarily there’s too. #CountryKids

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