Capturing magical moments – a fab outdoor family photoshoot with Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography

With another heart surgery on the cards for Jessica in the near future, capturing magical family moments feels more important than ever. We recently had a wonderful family photoshoot from Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography to capture some of those magical moments.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie wearing vintage-style dresses with pinafores and holding bunches of lavender - "Capturing magical moments - a fab outdoor family photoshoot with Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography"


Zoe is an outdoor children’s and family photographer. She is based in Essex and covers Essex and Suffolk. Her photography style is all about capturing fun outdoor moments. Most of the photos taken during our photoshoot are of the girls playing and exploring. Moments of just having fun, and being completely unaware of the camera. Candid captures of the wonderful innocence and joy of childhood.


Jessica wearing a pink dress sitting up in a tree


A black and white shot of Jessica on a swing


As well as the candid shots, we also had a short, semi-posed, session. The girls changed into a couple of beautiful vintage-style dresses with pinafores which Zoe had brought with her. I absolutely adore the photo of my girls cuddling each other taken in this session. It is my favourite photo of the two of them together. The love they have for each other is so apparent. Their personalities are also perfectly captured in this shot. Sophie, my little bundle of mischief with her cheeky grin, giving her sister a big squeeze. Jessica, very much the big sister in this shot, with her sunny smile and a cuddle for her sister, that might be less effusive than Sophie’s but is every bit as loving.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie cuddling each other


Jessica and Sophie wearing vintage-style dresses with pinafores and holding bunches of lavender


The vintage-style dresses and pinafores are also handmade by Zoe. She has a variety of handmade children’s clothes and accessories available on her One foot down a rabbit hole Facebook page. The dresses and pinafores that the girls wore in our photoshoot are the Rosemary and Matilda range. Prices start from £20 for the dress and £20 for the pinafore, depending on the fabrics used.


Jessica wearing a vintage-style dress and pinafore, running towards the camera with a big smile on her face


Sophie wearing a vintage-style dress and pinafore running towards the camera


Zoe is a friend of mine from my university days. As well as a fab photoshoot, it was lovely to catch up with her and her husband again and to meet her little girl for the first time. I love the way children make friends so easily with each other. The three girls had so much fun together in the woods, at the playground and splashing in the stream. We all throughly enjoyed our day out and it is wonderful to have such beautiful photos to look back on from it.


Jessica in a pink dress playing in a sandpit


Jessica at a table with leaves in front of her, holding up her nature notebook


Zoe very kindly offered us a free photoshoot to help us capture some family moments in the run-up to Jessica’s heart surgery. I would like to thank Zoe for a lovely day out captured in such fabulous photos. She has not asked or expected me to write this post. I loved the photos so much though that I wanted to share a few of them with my readers. If you are based in Essex or Suffolk and are looking to capture some magical candid childhood photos, then I would thoroughly recommend checking out Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography.


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12 thoughts on “Capturing magical moments – a fab outdoor family photoshoot with Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography

  1. Oh, Louise, the photos are absolutely stunning. You must be so pleased. The ones of them dressed up are adorable. How on earth will your choose which ones to put on the wall?

    1. It’s so difficult to choose. The one of the girls cuddling is going on a big canvas though. Choosing a few others for the wall will be harder but I might do a photo book of all of them so I can flick through easily whenever I want to look at them

  2. Your girls are beautiful and your photos are amazing! I am still working on making my photos better but I think my iPhone just isn’t cutting it anymore. I might need to break down a buy an actually camera:) #bloggerclubuk

  3. Wow! Your photos have come out so beautifully. The girls look stunning and I love how natural and carefree they look in every shot. I’m not a fan of posed photographer photos, clearly your friend the exact knack needed to grab those special moments. #Bloggerclubuk x

  4. Awww Louise, the photos turned out amazing! I adore the dresses you picked for the girls. And the black & white photo on the swing is a real stunner! You will have plenty of Instagram photos for awhile lol Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

  5. These are truly beautiful photos of your daughters. I also think that the pinafores and dresses are sweet. I will go and have a peek at what’s available. #BloggerClubUK

  6. Such beautiful photos of your beautiful girls. Your friend certainly has a talent for capturing magic moments. I love this post x

  7. Oh my gosh these photos are just stunning, I love them all. What a very talented photographer, I bet you’re over the moon with all of these shots xx #blogcrush

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