Siblings – October 2020

Technically this month’s sibling photos are late September rather than October, but as they’re from a very special occasion, I wanted to share them for this month’s sibling update. Auntie Fizz and Uncle Tony’s wedding was such a beautiful day and it was lovely to see Sophie and Thomas as a bridesmaid and page boy. If only Jessica could have been there with them as a bridesmaid too.


Thomas standing in his pageboy suit next to Sophie sitting on the floor wearing her bridesmaid dress and holding a picture of Jessica - "Siblings - October 2020"


We’ve settled back into term-time routines again. Thomas has got used to Sophie being at school during the day and is enjoying his one-to-one time with Mummy while Sophie is at school. It is lovely to see how happy he and Sophie are to be reunited though – just like my girls always were. Sophie is such a good big sister – I love the way she helps look after her little brother; the way she sits and reads stories to him and loves to make him giggle. He clearly adores her.


I’m so glad that they have each other, and that they have the same kind of strong, loving, close bond that my girls shared. It always does make my heart ache though for the missing member of that little trio of mine and the bond that she and Thomas should have shared. I love that he recognises her in photos though and likes to give the wooden carving of her a little cuddle when we visit her forever bed. It’s a poor substitute for what might have been, but there is love there and that means a lot.


Sophie and Thomas standing behind the carving of Jessica at her forever bed with Jessica's bridesmaid bouquet in front of her memorial


Thomas (2 years 2 months)

  • Was the most adorable little pageboy at Auntie Fizz and Uncle Tony’s wedding.
  • Numbers are still his favourite thing. He now goes around saying “1 + [number] = [next number]” He does numbers out of sequence and gets it correct so he definitely does understand that adding one gives you the next number. Clever boy!
  • Loves joining in with online Tiny Talk classes and learning some new signs.
  • Has been enjoying going for walks with Mummy while Sophie is at school and stopping for a “nic-nic” along the way.


Sophie and Thomas standing and holding the photo cushion with Jessica's photo on


Sophie (6 years 11 months)

  • Loved being a bridesmaid at Auntie Fizz and Uncle Tony’s wedding.
  • Has had another couple of visits from the Tooth Fairy bringing the total of baby teeth lost to seven. She now has several adult teeth through as well.
  • Is enjoying being back at swimming lessons and at her performing arts class. They’ve both been really good with social distancing and safety measures.
  • Loves being able to join in with Girls’ Brigade again via Zoom.


Thomas in his pageboy outfit and Sophie in her bridesmaid dress sitting at the end of Nanny's bed next to Jessica's picture on a cushion


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • Was very much part of Auntie Fizz and Uncle Tony’s wedding. She had her own bridesmaid bouquet, her picture was in a little charm on all the bouquets and there was a bigger photo with her Grandad’s photo on the table with the wedding cake. She wasn’t forgotten in the thank you presents to the bridesmaids either. She had a beautiful bouquet of flowers which we took to her forever bed the next day.
  • Had a visit from her reception teacher who read the Gruffalo to her. It meant so much to know that someone else spent time visiting and remembering Jessica with such love.

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