Siblings – October 2018

I love watching the way Sophie is so caring with Thomas. She loves to lie down on his playmat with him and wiggle the toys for him, or to pick him up and pat his back when he is crying. It’s funny to hear some of the things I say come out of her mouth as well. Thomas was crying in the car the other day and I heard Sophie saying “oh whoa whoa, Thomas, we don’t want to see that face now, do we?”


Sophie and Thomas in the garden with a picture of Jessica - "Siblings - October 2018"


Sophie had such a good role-model for being a big sister. She and Jessica had such a beautiful bond. I often wonder what Jessica would have been like with two younger siblings. I know she would have adored Thomas and I have no doubt that she would have loved helping look after him. I can imagine how happy she would have been to have Sophie at school with her, and how she would have looked out for her. I wish that I could have known for sure what she would have been like, rather than just imagining how it would have been.


Six months on from losing Jessica, and already I have experienced people forgetting about Jessica, or making comments about me having “two really” rather than three children. Jessica will always be part of our family and part of her siblings’ lives.


This month’s photos are taken in our garden in front of the roses. This part of our garden is now dedicated to Jessica – her and Sophie’s namesake roses are there along with a couple of others that we planted in memory of Jessica. There is just enough room left to plant a rose for Thomas. I did also try to take a siblings shot at Jessica’s forever bed – as you can see though, Thomas wasn’t too keen!


Thomas (0 years 11 weeks)

  • Is now cooing and smiling and making sure we all know just how adorable he can be.
  • Has had his first set of immunisations and was very brave – only cried for about a minute afterwards.
  • Had his hip scan (due to being breech) and all was well.
  • Weighed in at 4.8kg at his most recent weigh-in and has jumped up from the 1st centile to the 9th.
  • Is outgrowing newborn clothes and now in 0-3 month ones.


Sophie and Thomas in the garden with a picture of Jessica


Sophie (4 years 11 months)

  • Has settled in well at school and made a few new friends.
  • Was very excited to be the first person to take the class toy home.
  • Enjoyed going to her friend’s birthday party and is looking forward to having her own at the end of the month.
  • Brought home her first reading book.
  • Loves dancing with Daddy or Grandad while watching Strictly. She has also tried to dance with Thomas but he’s not quite ready to be her dance partner yet!

Sophie holding Thomas with a photo of Jessica at Jessica's forever bed


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • Yesterday was exactly six months since Jessica died. We went to the Little Hearts Matter memorial walk at the National Memorial Arboretum the day before to hang a heart in the LHM tree in memory of our beautiful big girl.


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14 thoughts on “Siblings – October 2018

  1. I love Sophie’s comment to Thomas, must be a phrase she’s heard before! She did have a wonderful role model and it seems she’s now passing all of that on to her little brother. Beautiful photos, and I love how amused Sophie looks with Thomas’ dissatisfaction! X

    1. I think she might have heard me say something like it! So lovely to see how good she is with him x

  2. Oh Louise, I’m so sad to hear that people are saying you have two children. you will always be a mum of three – unless you have any more of course! I have to admit I did chuckle at that last photo with Jessica and Sophie looking so happy and smiley and Thomas just not having it at all. There’s always one!

  3. Louise you will always be a mum of 3, that’s so sad that people who know about Jessica would say this. I’m so pleased to hear that Sophie is doing well at school, Holly is loving it too which is such a relief x

  4. Bless, she’s such a special girl, they both are. Sounds like Sophie is loving being a big sister. Such beautiful photos of all three of your children xx

    1. Thank you Susan. It’s lovely to see how well she’s adjusted to being a big sister x

  5. Love Sophie! She’s so grown up yet so little! Love her comments in the car as Thomas was crying. She’s a mini you! I can’t believe it was 6 months ago Jessica closed her eyes… thinking about you all loads. xx

    1. It’s been a tough week with the six month milestone. Sophie does make me smile though, as does Thomas x

  6. These are such lovely photos – even that last one that Thomas isn’t looking to pleased about! I’m sorry to hear people are being so thoughtless when talking about your children, you’ll always be a mum to three x

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