Siblings – November 2019

It is so lovely to watch the way Sophie and Thomas interact with each other now that he is getting bigger and more able to join in with things. She’s so proud of her little brother and loves encouraging him to do new things. I love how gentle and caring she can be with him at times – although sometimes the play can be a little bit over-enthusiastic and I have to remind her that he is only little!


Sophie sitting on her bed with Thomas on her lap, holding a photo of Jessica - "Siblings - November 2019"


Seeing the way Sophie is with Thomas always reminds me so much of how Jessica was with her. Sophie’s been talking more about her big sister recently. She made a little craft stick figure with leaf clothes as a present for Jessica in her Muddy Puddles session at school which was so sweet of her. I know that she misses her big sister very much. She told us the other day that she misses having Jessica around because she doesn’t have anyone to play with the Hatchimals or the Playmobil with her. Thomas is still too little to be able to join in with those things and although we try and arrange playdates, her friends don’t always play in the same way that Jessica would have done. It breaks my heart that she’s lost that constant playmate and I can’t make it better for her.


I’m glad that she and Thomas have each other though, and that the love that Jessica had for Sophie still shines so brightly in the way that Sophie loves Thomas. She’s still very much a part of it all – I see her in so many little things that Sophie says or does. I’m always so very thankful that Jessica did know about Thomas (even if she only knew him as ‘Peanut’) and that I can honestly tell Thomas that his biggest sister loved him so very much. What a doting pair of big sisters she and Sophie would have been together.


Sophie sitting on her bed with Thomas on her lap, holding a photo of Jessica


Thomas (1 year 3 months)

  • Had his first trip to the dentist and was very good at letting the dentist count his teeth. He’s now got ten teeth and I’m sure there’s a couple more about to come through soon.
  • Is fascinated by our Google Home and loves to chat to it. I’m not sure it’s a good thing that ‘Google’ is one of his first few words though!
  • Loved having Nanny come to stay a couple of times over the last month to look after him while Sophie and Mummy were busy performing on stage.
  • Has been unwell with a cough and cold and ended up being admitted to hospital for a couple of nights with a viral wheeze. Thankfully he’s on the mend now.


Sophie sitting on her bed with Thomas on her lap, holding a photo of Jessica


Sophie (6 years 0 months)

  • Loved every minute of being on stage playing Gretl in The Sound of Music. She absolutely stole the show and reading the following in the NODA report made me very proud: “Sophie as Gretl raised the “ah” factor to overwhelming – for a first ever performance it was amazing never faulting in song, dance or dialogue – and knowing all the words to Edelweiss as well! (There must have been a very proud Sister Sophia on stage!)” Indeed there was!
  • Enjoyed lots of fun activities and days out during half-term. She particularly liked dissecting an owl pellet at Denham Country Park and is keen to do it again sometime with Daddy!
  • Had a lovely birthday, stretching the celebrations out over a week – starting with a birthday lunch with some of the cast from The Sound of Music and ending with a birthday party at Jump-In with her school friends. She enjoyed helping make her Shopkins birthday cake too.
  • Enjoyed her first West End musical theatre experience when we went to the Children in Need gala performance of Mary Poppins. We also got to meet the cast afterwards which was amazing.


Sophie sitting on her bed with Thomas on her lap, who is looking at a photo of Jessica that Sophie is holding


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

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