Siblings – May 2023

It’s the little moments that are often my favourite ones. The ordinary, everyday moments – the snuggles on the sofa, the sound of Sophie and Thomas laughing together, the hugs at bedtime. Those little moments where I see just how much my little people love each other, and that beautiful bond that they share.


Sophie and Thomas having cuddles on the sofa next to a photo of Jessica from her photo-blanket - "Siblings - May 2023"


School runs are a lovely example of those little moments. Once we’ve got the stress of actually getting out of the door on time over with, it’s lovely to watch Sophie holding Thomas’s hand as they walk together. Sophie will often offer to give Thomas a piggy back which he absolutely loves. I love moments like this watching them having fun together, and seeing that beautiful sibling bond they share. It reminds me so much of watching my girls together. They loved walking hand-in-hand together too.


I often wonder how those moments would have been with three of them going off to school and coming home together. Where would Jessica fit into these moments? I wonder if she would have tried to give Thomas piggy backs on the school too or if she and Sophie would have walked on ahead chattering away, while I walked behind holding Thomas’s hand? Or would they have walked with friends instead?


Like all the beautiful moments that are part of our everyday life, they come with a Jessica-shaped hole and the pang of the ‘what-ifs’. But they’re still beautiful moments nonetheless. I’m grateful for the beautiful memories of my girls together and the beautiful moments of watching Sophie and Thomas together. I’m grateful for the love that they all share.



Thomas (4 years 9 months)

  • Enjoyed some Mummy-Thomas time going to Chiltern Open Air Museum while Sophie was at a sleepover.
  • Had fun at the Coronation carnival at school.
  • Got a Wow of the Week for “writing amazing sentences in literacy.”
  • Has been enjoying going swimming with Mummy while Sophie has her swimming lesson.



Sophie and Thomas having cuddles on the sofa next to a photo of Jessica from her photo-blanket


Sophie (9 years 6 months)

  • Had a lovely time at her first sleepover with the Girls’ Brigade.
  • Baked a fabulous cake for the Coronation – a Victoria sponge with the Union Jack on top made from strawberries, bluebells and raspberries, which everyone enjoyed at our church volunteering day for the Big Help Out.
  • Enjoyed performing her tap and modern solos at a coronation event.
  • Was awarded the ‘dancer of the week’ trophy at her dance school.



Sophie and Thomas having cuddles on the sofa next to a photo of Jessica from her photo-blanket


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • This month saw the 12th anniversary of the day we found out about Jessica’s special heart along with the anniversary of her funeral.
  • It was lovely to see bluebells appearing at Jessica’s forever bed for the first time.

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