Friday Focus 26/05/2023 – Frustrating

This week has been a little frustrating at times. With half-term on the horizon, I’ve been trying to get on top of work and other things on the to-do list so I can focus on doing things with Sophie and Thomas next week, but it’s been somewhat challenging thanks to blips with technology, a few more complicated tasks, having to chase people up on things more than usual and everything then ending up having to be done at the last minute! I think I’m finally back on top of it now and what’s not done today will now mostly have to wait until the children are back at school.


The word 'frustrating' in dark red


My husband has been finding his reduced mobility a little frustrating at times, particularly at work. Thankfully there’s been definite improvement with his knee injury this week. He still can’t manage the stairs, but is getting around more easily with the crutches. I was a bit anxious about him going away for a work trip this week but he managed okay with it although it did tire him out quite a bit.


I’m looking forward to being able to relax a bit more over half-term and focusing on having fun with the children. Fingers crossed the lovely weather we’ve had this week continues!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie in her Girls' Brigade uniform; our fairy garden; Sophie sitting on a bench at the park; my husband holding my strawberry-print weekend bag; Sophie giving Thomas a piggyback on the school run; pink peonies in the vase at Jessica's forever bed; Sophie receiving her ballet exam certificate and award - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 21"


  • Day 139 – I am grateful that I remembered Sophie’s Girls’ Brigade uniform was in the washing machine while there was still just about enough time to dry it!


  • Day 140 – I am grateful that the fairy garden is back after an afternoon of weeding and planting.


  • Day 141 – I am grateful for a Sunday afternoon walk with a few geocaches to find along the way.


  • Day 142 – I am grateful that my new weekend bag is manageable for hubby to take on his overnight work trip as he can’t manage his usual wheely suitcase with crutches. I have pointed out to him that I must love him very much to have allowed him to use my lovely new Popsy bag before I’ve had a chance to use it!


  • Day 143 – I am grateful for lovely moments on the school run watching Sophie giving Thomas a piggyback or walking holding his hand. Made me think of how my girls always walked along holding hands. I wonder how it would have been with two big sisters encouraging Thomas along on the school run…


  • Day 144 – I am grateful for peony season.


  • Day 145 – I am grateful for getting to watch Sophie’s ballet class as they received their exam certificates and awards.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas pushing Sophie on the swings at the playground.


Thomas pushing Sophie on the swing


  • Sophie making a bubble lamp with Daddy.


Sophie and Thomas looking at a bubble lamp


  • New additions to our fairy garden.


A teapot house and toadstool house in the fairy garden


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 26/05/2023 – Frustrating

  1. It sounds like a very frustrating week especially since you have had to chase people up on things. Ugh! I am glad your husbands knee is starting to improve. I hope he’s feeling better soon.
    I hope you have a wonderful half term with the kids. x

  2. Sorry you’ve had a frustrating week. I do hope you manage to have a more relaxing half term and that Michael’s knee continue to heals well. I love the bubble lamp!

  3. Oh their faces with the bubble lamp. That’s a pretty cool thing to make. I love getting to watch N’s sports activities – bet it’s nice to see watch the dancing where I presume it’s end of term only watching? Hopefully things will be less frustrating next week

  4. I’m sorry to hear your husband is still struggling with his knee. The fairy garden looks amazing, I keep saying I’ll make one for our granddaughter, maybe a project for us both in the autumn. I love peonies, my neighbour bought herself a bunch yesterday, I’ve planted one in the garden.

  5. Sorry to hear it has been frustrating. I was also racing to finish work so I had the holiday free but didn’t manage so it keeps tapping me on the shoulder! #project365

  6. Sorry to read your week was frustrating. It doesn’t help when you want to be prepared for the school holidays. I love your fairy garden. I feel we need something for our garden. There isn’t much in it at the moment #WotW

    1. Thank you – the fairy garden has been building up over time and it’s been such a lovely addition to the garden.

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