Siblings – March

Seeing my little girls enjoying being together is one of the most beautiful things about being a mummy of two. Whilst they still often choose to play separately, there are more and more moments where they want to be together, to play together (and yes, to fight over toys too!)

Siblings : March - Little Hearts, Big Love

Now that Sophie is more confident and steady on her feet, and the warmer weather is bringing more opportunities for outdoor fun, I have been experiencing the joy of seeing my two little girls wandering hand-in-hand, exploring the great outdoors. Jessica is the one leading – often trying to pull her little sister forward whilst Sophie’s little legs are trying their best to keep up with her big sister’s pace.

Siblings : March - Little Hearts, Big Love
This month’s photos were taken whilst out on a walk in Denham Country Park with Auntie Maxine. They aren’t the best quality photos but they capture those beautiful sibling moments. Two little girls in their matching waterproof outfits complete with mittens, woolly hats and wellies looking utterly adorable as they explore hand-in-hand. Jessica likes to stop every now and then to pick up treasures – leaves, stones and sticks whereas Sophie mostly concentrates on staying upright. She has cute little moments when she does a funny little step with her left leg – lifting it a bit higher in the air before setting it back down again – a bit like a little goose step. She loves to get out of the buggy and walk now and objects if she needs to go back in it again!

Siblings : March - Little Hearts, Big Love

Two little sisters, enjoying a walk. Precious moments.

Siblings : March - Little Hearts, Big Love

dear beautiful
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  1. Aww they’re just so sweet together, especially in their matching snow suits, they look ready to conquer the world!!

    1. Thank you – yes, our little heart warriors are amazingly strong. Hope your little one is doing well x

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