Face painting with felt-tip pens

Tuesday morning toddler group is one of my favourites – time to sit with a cup of tea and a piece of cake, catching up with some mummy friends while my children run around and play in a safe environment. Some weeks we have a lady there doing hand massage and manicures for the mums and this week was one of them. Sophie was playing with the baby toys and Jessica was enjoying making a Mothers’ Day card at the craft table while I enjoyed a lovely hand massage.

Face painting with felt tip pens - Little Hearts, Big Love

However, during those blissful few minutes of relaxation time for mummy, Jessica lost interest in colouring in her card and decided to colour in herself instead. Face, hands, tights, boots – all got given some additional patches of colour. As you see, Jessica was rather pleased with the end result and thankfully it wasn’t too difficult to remove!

Mini Creations

46 thoughts on “Face painting with felt-tip pens

  1. Lol! A great extension to your Mothers Day card! (your toddler group sounds amazing, mine just serves stale biscuits and gossip, no lovely hand massages) #WickedWednesdays

  2. This happened to us very recently! It took days to get that off 🙂 #minicreations

    1. Thankfully it wasn’t too tricky – alcohol hand gel worked quite well (just had to be very careful not to get it near her eyes)

  3. I’ll have to remember to get some make up tips from her…. Lol! #wickedwednesday x

  4. That sounds like an amazing group! I don’t think I’d noticed if the Tot had covered herself in a vat of paint if I was being massaged. Good make up job by the way Jessica 🙂 #WickedWednesdays

  5. Oh dear! My youngest went through a phase of doing this too. It did come off surprisingly easily though…..apart from when she used a Sharpie!

  6. Lucas says – Now this is my type of #minicreations. You know how much we love the crazily creative and this is one of the best!! Quite frankly, if the Mother was getting a massage, I could get away with anything……. Now there’s a thought *cue evil laugh*!!
    Thanks for linking up to #minicreations

    1. Thank you Lucas – lol, I can imagine what you’d get up to if the Mother was distracted by having a massage! 🙂

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