5 tips for blog organisation

Since starting this blog just under a year ago, I’ve learned so much about planning and scheduling posts, joining linkys, overcoming writer’s block and other things which have helped me along my blogging journey. I’ve gone from posting intermittently to posting daily, and have become much more organised about blogging as a result. Here are some of my tips for helping become more organised as a blogger: 5 tips for blog organisation - Little Hearts, Big Love
1) Use a blogging diary or calendar
I now plan ahead with my blog and use both a paper diary and the editorial calendar plugin in WordPress to help me plan my posts. Whilst the diary is useful for keeping track of regular features and guest posts, plus linkys that I join up with, I love being able to drop draft posts into the editorial calendar and move them about.

5 tips for blog organisation - Little Hearts, Big Love

2) Schedule posts
I try to write posts a little ahead of time and schedule them – one advantage of this is that it gives me the chance to look over them again before they post and just quickly review them – I often miss spelling or grammatical errors when I first read through a post because I read what I think I’ve written rather than what I actually have written. Allowing time to walk away and look at it again with fresh eyes helps me see things more clearly.

Scheduling posts also means that if I have an off day and need to go offline for a bit, my blog doesn’t necessarily have to grind to a halt. This often works well at the weekends – I try and schedule the weekend posts ahead of time so I can focus on time with my family instead.

5 tips for blog organisation - Little Hearts, Big Love

3) Using linkys to help with planning posts
I often will schedule my posts to fit in with specific linkys if there is one that they fit well with. I also find sometimes that linkys can help give me prompts on what to write about when I am struggling with writer’s block.


4) Having regular features
Having regular features helps to give my blog structure as well as helping provide me with a regular writing prompt. I have a post about something my children have said each Monday as part of my ‘From the mouths of babes’ linky and on Fridays, I sum up my week in my ‘Friday Focus’ and share five of my favourite reads in my ‘Friday Fabulous Five’.


5) Making a note of post ideas
I use the notebook app on my phone to quickly jot down post ideas and if I have time, I will also briefly write down some notes. I have a folder on my computer with various draft post ideas – this is another thing that is very handy for overcoming writer’s block – having a half-finished draft post as a starting point is a lot easier to work with than staring at a blank computer screen.


Do you have any tips which have helped you become more organised as a blogger?

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40 thoughts on “5 tips for blog organisation

  1. Ok. I am going to pin this and I’m actually going to follow your advice. The editorial calander is next on my to do list. I like the idea if a regular feature too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great advice, I have just started to use editorial calendar and it’s great .
    I also wrote my first post of what I hope will be a regular feature last night!!
    Really want to start using a paper diary too though, so much easier to keep track of for me and I like the idea of being able to quickly jot things down in it when I am out and about without my laptop.

  3. Some great advice. Now if only I could find the time to write! I’m going to try using the editorial calendar – that might get me typing a bit more. 🙂

    1. Lol, glad it’s not just me! It definitely helps to keep track when you join several at once!

  4. Hi fantastic help. Can I ask how you go about finding linkys. I currently use one but found it by chance. Also pinning so I can refer back. ☺

  5. Great tips.
    I started a blog diary but I’ve lost track for a few weeks leaving it all to my memory which isn’t great. I have had such a busy few weeks though I’m back on it now getting into the swing of things again.

  6. Thanks for this! I read this while having 15 tabs open on my laptop and paper everywhere on my desk…. must get organized!!

  7. Thanks for this, it’s something I am hopeless at! I do use the notes app on my phone but rarely have a ‘schedule’ as such. My life isn’t organised enough, never mind my blogging calendar! x

    1. Ah I’m not always very good at remembering it if I just rely on storing things in my head!

  8. Great tips. I write vague notes on my phone but don’t plan my time well at all. #thelist

  9. I love the editorial calendar plug in! I need to do more of this and get more scheduled in advance, I feel like I’m chasing my tail at the moment. Really useful post 🙂

  10. Great tips, I really know when I’ve not planned, as I’m all over the place 😉

    Sadly I don’t use WordPress, that editorial calendar looks really useful.

    Visiting from #thelist xx

  11. Love this! Thanks for sharing. It has inspired me to get organised – which at the mo is definitely lacking. I had no idea about this editorial calendar – looks great! I have plenty of half written posts and blog ideas…I just need to schedule some time to write them… #thelist

  12. I am the most disorganised blogger you’ll ever meet – I’ve never learnt from school and still do everyone as it’s due (including commenting on #TheList posts!!) – so I find this so interesting and inspiring. You make it sound so simple but somehow my brain takes this info and will make it really complex! Haha!

    thanks for linking up love xxx

    1. Lol, you never come across that way! Glad you liked my post, was lovely to link up to #TheList again 🙂

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