The Friday Focus – 13/03/15

It’s been quite an eventful week on the whole with hubby being back home again, various trips out and about, a couple of trips down to see my mum and help her celebrate her 75th birthday, my sister Maxine staying with us for a few days and then Jessica being poorly at the end of this week. A busy, tiring week and I’m thankful that hubby has been around for most of it and that Jessica seems to have perked up a little today.

The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Out and About:

I enjoyed catching up with one of my friends from my university days and her little girl – our three girlies had a wonderful time in the soft play area whilst we enjoyed the chance to have a catch up over a cup of tea and some cake.

The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big LoveAs it was such a beautiful day, we spent the afternoon exploring one of the parks in the area and Jessica and Sophie looked so adorable holding hands and exploring together. Sadly both my phone and camera went flat and I wasn’t able to capture the moment although I did get another chance a few days later when we went for a walk at Denham Country Park.

The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I had a lovely time catching up with my family at my mum’s birthday meal – seeing my siblings and lots of my nieces and nephews. It was a wonderful evening and I was amazed by how well Jessica and Sophie coped with it being such a late night for them. Jessica was falling asleep at the table but was still determined that she was going to finish her slice of birthday cake!

 The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big LoveThe Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Fun at home:
With Jessica being poorly towards the end of this week we have had lots of time snuggling on the sofa together and watching endless repeats of the Twirlywoos and Bing Bunny which are her current TV obsessions. We also enjoyed sitting and making cards together at the beginning of the week.

The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I had a lovely moment with Sophie one bedtime this week when she grabbed both my hands and started singing and guiding me through the actions of her favourite songs. ‘Row, Row Your Boat’ was definitely one of them and I think she was also trying to do ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ and ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ too!

Time for me:
My lovely sister took Jessica out to the park one afternoon while Sophie was napping so that I could have an afternoon nap too.

On the blog:

I’ve been enjoying reflecting on my 40acts challenges. Last Saturday’s challenge was to switch off from social media for 24 hours which I managed to do. I found it quite liberating to have my phone switched off and will be trying to have some downtime more regularly (although perhaps not a full 24 hours).

My happiest moment:
Spending time with my family and helping my mum celebrate her birthday.

The Friday Focus 13/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Next week I would like to:

Do some planning for our holiday later this month.

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43 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 13/03/15

  1. Wow hon it was eventful, and you must be shattered! Our kids seem to synch up being unwell because it’s been the same in my house this week! Poor little Jessica, hope she’s on the mend soon. Your family gathering sounds fab, must be lovely to be part of such a big family 🙂

    1. It certainly was and I have been shattered. Jessica is much better now thankfully and hope all your family are on the mend too x

  2. The Twirlywoo song gets stuck in my head!! Hope your mom had a great day. We are on holiday in a few weeks too – can’t wait xx

  3. Sneaky read in car! Sounds like a lovely week. Bit of everything…family, friends, cake and good old germs!! The cuddles are always nice tho! ️Xx #wotw

  4. I hope Jessica feels a little better now, coughs and colds have struck our home once again this week, will be glad to see the back of all these germs.
    And hope your Mom had a lovely birthday 🙂 xx

  5. Wow what a great week!! Sounds like it certainly has been eventful!
    Lovely lovely pictures =) Love the picture of Jessica and Sophie at the top of the slide and walking together, so cute!
    How cute that Sophie was doing row row row your boat =D

  6. Oh my what a busy week you have had! There are so many lovely pictures in this post I especially like the one where the girls are sitting at the top of the slide- so cute. Your mum must have been so delighted having you all there together for her birthday and Jessica falling asleep at the table is so sweet. Have a lovely Mother’s Day X

  7. Wow! How do all you mummy bloggers manage to fit everything in?! I struggle to do my normal every day tasks with my little ones, let alone go to loads of events AND document it! You guys deserve a big pat on the back! #HappyDaysLinky

  8. Hi Louise, you sound as if you have had a great week, in spite of Jessica getting a little poorly. It must have been lovely to celebrate your Mums birthday with family. So lovely that your little one feel a sleep whilst eating birthday cake, a photograph to bring out when she’s older for sure!


  9. Gosh, busy, busy, busy! It has been an eventful week with so much going on, and lots of family time too which is always so very precious
    Sounds like you had a lovely time

  10. Wow, it sounds like you had a really lovely, busy week!
    The picture of Jessica and Sophie holding hands truly warmed my heart, they obviously have a very special bond!
    I hope you have another great week and manage to get some holiday planning done xx

  11. Your mum doesn’t look a day over 21! Seriously, though – she looks great!

    What a busy week indeed, glad you had a lovely time catching up with friends and family.

    The photo of your girls holding hands makes my heart melt.

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  12. Oh the Twirlywoos!! Or Whirlytoos as G calls them, I cannot get the theme song out of my head!!
    Sorry to hear Jessica has been poorly, hope she is better now. Glad you had a lovely time with your mum xxx

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