Siblings – March 2018

This month has been mostly about trying to get back to normal routines again. We’re not quite back to normality yet – snow days and viruses have thrown us out of kilter a bit, but we’re getting there. It was nice in some ways to have almost a week of snow at the start of the month and to watch the girls having fun together in it. We didn’t really venture beyond the garden though as it was just too cold, especially for Jessica, who could only manage about 15 minutes out in it before it was time to come in again.


Jessica and Sophie standing in front of their playhouse in the snow - "Siblings - March 2018"


Although we had fun getting out in the snow, it does feel like we’ve been quite cooped up this winter. Most of the time the girls play well together indoors. They love imaginative play with their dolls, playing with Playmobil or building Lego together. However, I’ve certainly noticed an increase in bickering recently. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more opportunities for the girls to play outside. I think we will all benefit from getting outdoors a little more.


Jessica throwing a snowball at Sophie 


Jessica (6 years 6 months)

  • Is now back at school again and is enjoying being with her friends.
  • Received a “Wow of the week” certificate for “returning to school with such enthusiasm and positivity.”
  • Had a virus recently that has knocked her for six and has been back on half days again at school while she builds her energy back up again.
  • Made us very proud with her report at parents’ evening this week. Despite having an attendance of around 20% this term, she hasn’t dropped behind and has settled back into school as though she was never away. Well done Jessica!


Sophie and Jessica having a snowball fight


Sophie (4 years 4 months)

  • Is such a little cuddle monster. There is nothing this little girl loves more than to snuggle!
  • Hasn’t been too keen on our attempts to stop her climbing into our bed at night. We’re having to be a little more firm when it comes to putting her back in her own bed. I’ve been quite happy to co-sleep up until now but it’s becoming more uncomfortable as my bump gets bigger.
  • Went to Girls’ Brigade on her own for the first time as Jessica was poorly. It was nice to see her join in just as confidently without having Jessica there too.
  • Is getting to be very independent and often tells us she can do things all by herself. Every so often, she impresses me though with how self-sufficient she can be – particularly the other day when she noticed the empty toilet roll in the bathroom, fetched a new one from the drawer and changed it by herself.


Jessica and Sophie standing in front of their playhouse in the snow


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