Siblings – August 2017

We’re halfway through the summer holidays and still in limbo with regards to Jessica’s next heart surgery. We met with the surgeon earlier this month to discuss the next surgery and are now waiting for a date. In the meantime though, we’ve been trying to make the most of the holidays and enjoy them.


Those sibling moments between my girls have felt extra precious this month. We’ve been working our way through our summer activity list (in spite of the rain!) and the girls have had lots of fun together. There were a few challenging moments at the start of the summer holidays as they readjusted to being together all day, every day once again but on the whole they have played together beautifully.


Jessica and Sophie sitting on a ride-on bike together - "Siblings - August 2017"


They take it in turns now to lead the direction of their play – sometimes Jessica is clearly the big sister and in charge; other times Sophie is the one making the decisions. They now play more independently – and need me less and less. I’m still very much in demand to push swings at the park, but there are moments when they will push each other on the swings and spin each other around on the roundabout. If they encounter a challenge, I’m not always the first port of call to try and solve it – they will often work together to figure it out for themselves. It is wonderful to watch them becoming more independent – and a little bittersweet too.


Jessica and Sophie wearing vintage-style dresses with pinafores and holding bunches of lavender


I’m sharing a mixture of photos this month from the summer fun. We had a photoshoot with my friend at the end of July which captured some beautiful shots of the girls together – including this one of them having a cuddle which is my favourite ever photo of them both. It shows the beautiful bond that they have with each other – two little sisters, and the best of friends.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie cuddling each other



Jessica (5 years 11 months)

  • Loves the book that Mummy made her to help prepare her for her heart operation. She is very excited at the prospect of a “sleepover at the doctors” and keeps asking how many sleeps there are until it happens.
  • Loved having a day out on her own with Mummy at the Cadbury’s Little Pi-Cow-So workshop.
  • Is quite fearless when it comes to climbing and made Mummy quite nervous when she managed to climb a tree and sit on a branch 5ft up in the air.
  • Loves playing her slide whistle and wants to practice her “recorder” regularly. The trouble is, it seems to disappear every now and then and for some reason Mummy has trouble finding it!
  • Managed to do a 100-piece jigsaw by herself with only a little help.


Jessica and Sophie looking at a treasure trail map together


Sophie (3 years 9 months)

  • Enjoyed her last session at her Tuesday toddler group – we’ve been going since Jessica was 18 months old so it was the end of an era!
  • Has been getting to grips with potty training. There have certainly been a lot of challenges and set-backs along the way but she seems to have got the hang of it now.
  • Has started chewing her clothes which is somewhat frustrating. She now has a chew bracelet to chew on instead – fingers crossed it will help stop her chewing on clothes!
  • Loves playing with the fairy garden at home – especially when she can take her Playmobil people out to visit the fairies.
  • Loves to race Jessica on their bikes up and down the alley next to our back garden.


Jessica and Sophie sitting on a ride-on bike together


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

12 thoughts on “Siblings – August 2017

  1. Oh, those photo shoot pictures are adorable! They always looks so happy together, and it is nice when they play together without needing much intervention. Easier for us and so lovely to eavesdrop on x

  2. Oh I love the cuddling one. Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous. It must be hard having another operation hanging over you so I hope you get a date soon.

  3. Such lovely photos from this month. I can see why you love the picture of them cuddling. Such a lovely bond they have. Hope the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays are lots of fun for you. Thinking of you during this anxious time as you wait for a date for Jessica.

  4. Oh those dresses on your girls are just darling like a time capsule photoshoot WOW. Love them. Just catching up on all the siblings posts today so many have grown up over the summer including your beauties here. #siblingsproject

  5. Louise! These photos are stunning!! Such sweet little dresses… and such gorgeous little girls! Will be thinking of you lots with heart surgery on the horizon… we have Heidi’s nect heart appointment this week. I always get nervous in the run up to it!

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