Review – Trespass children’s waterproof jackets

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, it’s time for the girls to swap their winter coats for spring jackets. We were recently sent a couple of waterproof jackets for the girls from Trespass. They arrived just in time for the start of the Easter holidays and have been perfect for the girls to wear out and about on our adventures.


I can never resist pretty matching coats for the girls. The girls’ new waterproof jackets are the Imogene waterproof jackets in plum. I love the colour of the jacket and the hexagon pattern (good for shape recognition as both the girls commented on it!). The jacket has a soft tricot inner lining. The pretty aqua colour of the lining is a nice contrast to the patterned outer.


Jessica and Sophie wearing their Imogene waterproof jackets from Trespass

Sophie is in age 3-4 clothes normally. The 3/4 size jacket is a little roomy on her, which is perfect as I know she’ll get plenty of wear out of it. Jessica has the next size up – 5/6. She normally wears age 4-5 clothes. The Imogene waterproof jacket is big on her, but not too big. Again, it means that she’ll get plenty of wear out of the jacket before she outgrows it.

Sophie wearing her Imogene waterproof jacket from Trespass while playing in a sandpit

Although both jackets are a little on the larger side for the girls, the elasticated cuffs on the sleeves have velcro tabs. This makes them easy to adjust to help push the sleeves up. The jacket has taped seams to help prevent water leaking in at the seams. It also has two zip-up pockets. The girls have yet to discover these, although no doubt they’ll be full of small toys at some point! The hood is also tricot lined but is not adjustable which is a small minus for me. We often have difficulty keeping hoods up if there is any wind. Having an elasticated cord on the hood makes a big difference with this.

Jessica's arm showing the adjustable cuff on the sleeve of the Imogene waterproof jacket

We’ve been so lucky with the weather so far this holiday. As a result, we’ve yet to fully test the waterproof capability of the jacket beyond a very light shower. However, the product description states that the jacket has a 5,000mm waterproof rating. According to the waterproof jacket guide on the Trespass website, this means the waterproofing is enough to hold back a column of water 5m long before the water would start to seep through. That sounds more than adequate for our needs!


The jacket is warm enough for Sophie to wear on a cool spring day with a long-sleeved top and cardigan underneath. However, Jessica needs an extra layer or two as she gets cold much more easily. They are ideal for days when it’s more debatable if the girls need to wear a coat. The jackets are fairly easy to carry if needed. They are lightweight and fold down quite compactly to fit inside my rucksack.


Jessica and Sophie sitting in Grandma's garden wearing their new Trespass jackets


Overall, we are very happy with the jackets. The girls both love them and have enjoyed wearing them when out and about. They have got the jackets fairly muddy at times. I found they washed well on a 40˚C machine wash though. They dried quickly on the washing line, ready to be worn again for our next adventure.

4 thoughts on “Review – Trespass children’s waterproof jackets

  1. Aww! Those jackets are so pretty! I love the colour of them.
    I reviewed a jacket from Trespass this time a couple of years ago for Ellie and she’s still wearing it now. I got it in the size up. hehehe. They last so well and it still looks as good as new x

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