Review – Scootaseatz and Scootaheadz

Sophie loves riding her scooter to and from school or the park. She often likes to take a toy with her when out and about but unless it’s one that can hang on the handlebars, I end up having to carry it. I was recently invited to review some fun scooter accessories – the Scootaseatz and a Scootaheadz. These sounded like the perfect additions to Sophie’s scooter.


Sophie's scooter with the Bella Scootaheadz and pink owl Scootaseatz attached - "Review - Scootaseatz and Scootaheadz"


The Scootaseatz is an owl shaped seat which is available in aqua or pink. It attaches to the front of a scooter or a bike with Velcro straps. There is an adjustable seat belt to fasten the toy in and help keep it safe. We choose the pink seat to match Sophie’s scooter.


Scootaheadz are fun additions to help personalise a scooter or bike. They are available in various designs – dinosaurs, ponies and unicorns and simply clip on to the T-bar of the scooter. Sophie choose Bella the unicorn for her scooter.


The pink owl Scootaseatz and the Bella unicorn Scootaheadz


I was able to fit both the Scootaseatz and the Scootaheadz to Sophie’s scooter. It took a little effort to push the Scootaheadz into place, especially around the handlebars. Once attached though, it was very secure. The Scootaseatz was easy to attach using the Velcro straps. It was a little trickier to attach it when the Scootaheadz was also in place but the Velcro straps were just about long enough to manage it.


The back of the Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz showing how they attach to the scooter


Sophie’s chosen toy was small enough to fit in the Scootaseatz below the Bella unicorn Scootaheadz. Having both in place did restrict us with which toys would fit in the Scootaseatz. If Sophie wanted to carry a bigger toy, we would need to remove the Scootaheadz and just have the Scootaseatz attached.


Sophie's toy sitting in the Scootaseatz below the Scootaheadz


Both the Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz feel well made and secure when attached to the scooter. They are made of PVC and are easy to wipe clean if they get dirty. Sophie loved how they made her scooter that little bit different and was so happy being able to have a toy riding on her scooter with her. She found it easy to clip the seatbelt around her toy and undo it again to take the toy out. The seatbelt is easy to adjust to fit different sized toys.


Sophie at the park riding her scooter with the Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz attached


If you’re looking for some fun accessories to go with a child’s scooter, I would certainly recommend these.


The pink Scootaseatz and Bella Scootaheadz are both available from the Scootaheadz website at £14.99 each.


I received a Scootaseatz and a Scootaheadz for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Prices quoted are correct at the time of posting.


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