Howl’o’ween fun at Chessington World of Adventures

October half-term seems to be all about Halloween-themed activities and days out. The girls loved trying out the “Howl’o’ween” attractions at Chessington World of Adventures last year. This year, it was Sophie who donned her sister’s “rainbow witch” outfit for a day out at Chessington. I was glad she picked that costume. It felt like a little link to last year and another little way to carry Jessica with us on our day out.


Sophie with a Howl'o'ween display behind her at Chessington - "Howl'o'ween fun at Chessington World of Adventures"


One of the things I love about Chessington World of Adventures is the mix of attractions for all ages. Their spooky Howl’o’ween event is no exception. The bat rating is a useful guide to show how scary attractions are. We went for attractions that were two bats or less as these were the most appropriate for Sophie.


Sophie posing in front of the Howl'o'ween sign at Chessington


As always though, our first port of call was the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. This is definitely Sophie’s favourite ride at Chessington and thankfully is one of the few that Thomas can go on too.


One of our favourite books was brought to life in the Room on the Broom story time. I loved how some of the children in the audience took on the parts of some of the animals in the story. There was a meet and greet with the witch afterwards. Sophie enjoyed posing for a photo with the witch who seemed very impressed with Sophie’s rainbow witch outfit!


Sophie in her rainbow witch outfit with the Room on the Broom witch


Hocus Pocus Hall has been a favourite of ours for a while. Next year, it will be turned into a new attraction so we made sure we had one last visit before it changes. I’m looking forward to trying out Room on the Broom: A Magical Journey here in Spring 2019.


After stopping for lunch at the Smokehouse BBQ, we made our way to the Trick or Treat Woods. This was our longest queue of the day at around 40 minutes. We were taken on a journey through the woods, encountering fauns, fairies and spiders along the way. Sophie found all the different characters we met fascinating rather than frightening. I think they could be a little scary for younger or more timid children though. The children each received a treat at the end of the woods.


Sophie with her treat at the end of The Trick or Treat Woods


Sophie usually loves riding on a giraffe on the Adventure Tree carousel. This time though she went for a ride in a spinning cup with Mummy and Thomas. We got quite dizzy trying to spin the cup as fast as we could!


Sophie on the spinning cup on the Adventure Tree carousel at Chessington


Next up was the Haunted Howl’o’ween Live show. This spooky themed show with its dance routines to songs such as Monster Mash, Black Magic and Thriller was a big hit with Sophie. She was soon dancing along to it all. I loved the way the cast appeared from among the audience at the start of the show and the slick transitions between the songs.


The cast dancing to Thriller in the Howl'o'ween live show

Sophie dancing along to the Haunted Howl'o'ween Live show


The fancy dress competition took place after the show. The children paraded around the arena doing zombie and werewolf poses before four finalists were picked to go up on the stage. The audience were then encouraged to clap and cheer for their favourite finalist and the one who got the loudest response was declared the winner. All the children taking part received a Howl’o’ween pop badge. Sophie wasn’t one of the finalists, but she loved taking part and was very happy with her pop badge.


Sophie with her Howl'o'ween pop badge


The children’s zoo was another highlight of the day for Sophie. She loved seeing the pigs and being able to stroke the pygmy goats.


Sophie with one of the pygmy goats in the children's zoo


Watching Sophie running around over my head in the nets at the Amazu Treetop Adventure play area was bittersweet. There are memories of Jessica everywhere we go at Chessington but every so often one particular memory will jump out at me and make my heart ache just that little bit more. This time it was remembering our first visit this year, sitting in the same spot as I watched both my girls running through those nets. I remember feeling so happy that Jessica had the energy to join her sister up there. Sophie always had enough energy for both of them!


Sophie in the nets on the Amazu Treetop Adventure


Once Sophie had burned off a little of that energy, we were ready for some quieter activity and a visit to the Sealife Centre to see the fish. Sophie particularly enjoyed stroking a starfish and looking out for the numbered snails in the Snail and the Whale trail.


Sophie stroking a starfish in the Sealife Centre


We finished off our day with another ride on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure which had a much shorter queue than earlier in the day. This time Thomas was awake for it. I think it was the first time he hadn’t sleep through it all and he seemed to be quite happy looking around as we rode our boat through the deep, dark wood.


Me, Sophie and Thomas on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure


Despite being very restricted on rides due to baby Thomas, we managed to fit plenty of activities into our day out. There were many more that we could have done too. Sophie had such a fun day and enjoyed all the Howl’o’ween attractions. I have to admit that I’m quite glad she is still too little for the scarier ones. I’m not sure I’m brave enough for the four-bat rated ones myself!


Visiting Chessington World of Adventures – what you need to know:


Chessington World of Adventures
Leatherhead Road


Opening times:

Chessington World of Adventures is open late on selected dates for Howl’o’ween which runs from 13th October 2018 – 4th November 2018.

Opening times vary throughout the year. For more information click here.


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14 thoughts on “Howl’o’ween fun at Chessington World of Adventures

  1. A lovely return visit and I do like the extra touches for Halloween. My heart melted imagining both girls on that high netting, it must be so hard with these little reminders each day. #CountryKids

  2. Wow, they have do much variety at Chessington. It sounds like a lot of fun, and great to return with Sophie in Jessica’s costume – she looks like she had a ball. Room on the Broom was a favourite of ours too when Caroline was little. And I used to love teacup rides, now I just get instantly dizzy! Glad you’re enjoying getting out and about #CountryKids

    1. There certainly is a lot of variety there and it’s great that there is still plenty to do with little ones. So lovely to see Sophie in Jessica’s costume 🙂

  3. We remember last years outting and it’s so nice to see Sophie donning Jessica’s rainbow witch costume x we’ve yet to go to on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure but it looks ace and would have loved the Room on the Broom storytelling x #countrykids x

    1. It was lovely to see Sophie wearing that costume – just a little way of linking back to last year when Jessica was with us but it made me feel she was still with us this time too x

    1. Thank you Annette. Days out like this are bittersweet but always lovely to see Sophie having fun.

  4. I had no idea there was such a range of activities at Chessington, I think I’d always imagined it was more theme parky! I think my pair would love it.

    Your photographs are fabulous – but I can see the bittersweet side of the day for you all. #countrykids

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