Review – Safetots Bed Rail

With Jessica having just made the transition from a cot into a bed, the opportunity to review the Safetots Bed Rail came at just the right moment. Her first night in her big girl bed had gone well but subsequent nights had seen her wanting to “sleep in Mummy and Daddy’s bed” and so we hoped that the bed rail would make her feel more secure in her bed.

Review: Safetots Bed Rail - Little Hearts, Big Love

With hubby away for a couple of nights, it was down to me to put the bed rail together. It came in a bag which can also be used for transporting the folded bed rail if you need to take it on holiday and the instructions for putting it together seemed fairly clear.

Review: Safetots Bed Rail - Little Hearts, Big LoveReview: Safetots Bed Rail - Little Hearts, Big Love

That said, I did find it a struggle to put the bed rail together although I suspect this is mostly due to the fact that I am not that good at putting things like this together and I am sure that hubby would have had no problem at all! Adjusting the length of the straps to fit the width of the mattress was probably the most tricky part but I got there in the end and finally got the bed rail set up securely on Jessica’s bed.

Safetots Bedguard review 03Review: Safetots Bed Rail - Little Hearts, Big Love

However, our attempts to try and get Jessica to go to sleep in her own bed have been mostly unsuccessful lately despite the bed rail and she has tended to fall asleep in our room and then be transferred into her own bed. The bed rail has been reassuring from my perspective to know that Jessica can’t fall out of bed but I’m not sure that so far it’s made much difference for Jessica with regards to making her bed a more appealing place to sleep as she is still mostly wants to sleep in our room at the moment. However, Sophie seemed quite happy with it, especially when trying to climb on Jessica’s bed and I suspect we’ll find it more useful when the time comes for Sophie to move into a bed.

Review: Safetots Bed Rail - Little Hearts, Big Love

The bed rail folds down to make it easier for a child to get in to bed although we have mostly left it upright as we tend to be lifting Jessica into bed once she is already asleep.


Safetots have a range of different bed rails on their website including different sizes of mesh bed rail and wooden bed rails. We reviewed the white bed rail which is currently available on the website for £19.99 which I feel is a reasonable price for this type of product.


I was sent a complimentary bed rail for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Review – Safetots Bed Rail

  1. We use movable ones like this in our properties for the guests, they are ideal to change from bed to bed as needed for us. Popping by from Tried & Tested

    1. Yes, I can imagine they would be very useful when you need to be able to move them from bed to bed.

  2. We will be making the transition from cot to big girls bed in the next couple of months! My mummy is terrified! This looks great and we’ll be checking them out! Thanks #Triedtested

  3. I really don’t want to even think about moving Boo from her cot, she is going to spend even less time in bed! I do like the idea of this rail though, gives you the reassurance that they can’t fall out of bed as easily.
    Great review. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. There does look to be a lot of parts to it – I think I’d have struggled too 😉
    I must admit we’ve never bothered with a bed rail and have just shoved a few cushions on the floor just in case 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    1. Cushions on the floor sounds like a good idea too. Lovely to link up to #TriedTested, thank you for hosting

  5. This looks like a great device for the wee ones, I’ll definitely check it out. £20 is very reasonable, I remember seeing them in Mothercare for more than that #triedtested

    1. Thanks Jocelyn – so far I’m quite happy as long as we’re all getting enough sleep!

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