Review – The Gruffalo’s Child

The Mummy – she said that maybe we should

See the Gruffalo’s Child – she’d heard it was good

Why not? Why not? It’ll be a nice treat

The price is okay – £11 for each seat

The girls love the tale of the Gruffalo

I’m sure they would enjoy the show.”

Review - The Gruffalo's Child - Little Hearts, Big Love

What is the show like? It’s lots of fun

The story is really quite cleverly done.

A trio of actors play all of the parts

Mouse, played by one, tells the tale from the start

The Gruffalo’s Child is played by one more

And the final actor plays the other four:

The fox, snake and owl and the dad Gruffalo

Changing swiftly between them throughout the whole show


A cave and some trees – that’s the set

Which is moved round to good effect

The lighting transitions are also good

For setting the scenes of the cave and wood


And so the show started; my children both smiled

As into the woods went the Gruffalo’s child


Aha! Oho! Now who could this be

Appearing on stage? It’s Snake that we see!

His skin is glittery, his greeting hearty

Welcoming us to his skin-shedding party

The girls are both happily clapping along

As the actors on stage break into a song

The song ends and Snake retreats into his house

The Gruffalo’s Child hunts again for the mouse


Sophie got restless and a little bit wild.

“Stop kicking the seat!” I said to my child.


Aha! Oho! Now who could this be

Appearing on stage? It’s Owl that we see!

Down from his home in a treetop high

And ready to teach us all how to fly

All of a sudden we’re flapping our wings

In time to the song that Owl now sings

The song ends and Owl flies away to his house

The Gruffalo’s Child hunts again for the mouse


Jessica got restless and a little bit wild.

“Ssh, sit down!” hubby said to our child.


Aha! Oho! Now who could this be

Appearing on stage? It’s Fox that we see!

A smooth-talking salesman – has the audience bid

And the item for sale is the Gruffalo’s kid!

The song’s rather catchy; the girls are entranced

As they clap along, and in their seats dance.

The song ends and Fox retreats into his house

Does the Gruffalo’s Child still believe in the mouse?


“It’s all a trick!” she says with a sigh

But wait – there’s someone else passing by.

Who is this coming out of his house?

At last – could this be the Big Bad Mouse?

Not big, not bad, but a mouse at least

Just perfect to eat for a midnight feast


The mouse is smart, the mouse thinks fast

He won’t let this moment be his last

The mouse has got a cunning idea

To make the Big and Bad Mouse appear

The Gruffalo Child will get her wish

The Big Bad Mouse – he does exist!

If only she will just set him free

And let him climb up in that hazel tree,


Out comes the moon, all bright and round

What is this shadow we see on the ground?

A fierce, big bad mouse – a terrible sight

The Gruffalo’s Child is filled with fright

She turns and runs back to her house

She must escape the Big Bad Mouse!

Back to the cave where her dad’s still snoring

At least it’s safe, though it might be boring.


Aha! Oho! The actors bow

The Gruffalo’s Child is over now

The girls perhaps were a little too small

They couldn’t stay focused throughout it all

Another year on and perhaps they could

For the show was really rather good.

(with apologies to Julia Donaldson)


The Gruffalo’s Child is currently touring the country. More details about tour dates and venues can be found here.


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26 thoughts on “Review – The Gruffalo’s Child

  1. What a fantastic review….It does sound like a great show.
    Even if the girls were a little young it gives you a great excuse to go and see it again in the future x

    1. Thanks Kim, it was good and I’m sure we’ll take the girls to something like it again! 🙂

  2. Love this rhyming post! So clever! The Gruffalo’s Child is on near us at the end of Feb, but sadly we can’t go. Love the book though! #TriedTested x

    1. Thank you – such a shame you can’t make it to the show though. We love the book too! 🙂

  3. Nicely done! I’m tempted by the shows based on Tilly’s favourite books but I think I’ll give it another year. Much too prone to explode at the moment and there’s the concentration span too.

    1. Thank you Dan – I think waiting a little longer is a good plan – my girls enjoyed it but were quite restless at times.

    1. Thank you – it did take quite a while although I used the book as the template for the whole poem which helped a little.

  4. Absolutely loved reading this, very clever review! I really liked the three two line verses about the three different children, that was a great touch. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    1. Thank you – it was another blogger’s review that actually prompted me to get tickets too! Hope you enjoy it if you do manage to see it! 🙂

  5. I don’t think you need to apologise to Julia Donaldson, this is a fine poem!
    It’s a really unusual way to post a review – I like it and I’m glad you guys enjoyed the show!

    1. Thanks Tracey – I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to write it differently, glad you liked it! 🙂

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