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Jessica receiving her signing certificate for being able to do 50 signs

Silent Sunday 06/07/14

Jessica on PICU just before her first open heart surgery

#NHS66 – Thank you NHS!

Today is the NHS’s 66th birthday. The Big Up The NHS campaign started in August 2013 on Twitter. This campaign aims to counteract the huge amount of negative stories about…

Jessica looking at her birthday card on CBeebies

An Ode To CBeebies

Hey, hey are you ready to play? Oh joy, it’s the Tweenies – I wish they’d go away! But my toddler shrieks with excitement: I know just how much she…

Writing - this week's word of the week

Word of the Week 04/07/14 – Writing

This word for this week has to be writing. Tuesday marked the start of Camp NaNoWriMo – a writing challenge where I set myself a target word count (20,000 words)…

Jessica colouring in the picture of her and Peppa Pig

Review – Personalised Peppa Pig goes to Playgroup book

We were recently offered a personalised Peppa Pig softback book from Penwizard to review. There were three choices of book available as follows:   (Your child) and Peppa Pig go to…

A bag of little bottles of frozen expressed breastmilk

Breastfeeding my heart child: a ban on mummy milk

Sitting next to the hospital cot in the early hours of the morning, with my four month old daughter blissfully breastfeeding, I wanted to freeze the moment and hold it…

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie at Chateau Villandry

Me and Mine – June 2014

I’m at my happiest when it’s just the four of us, spending quality time together, creating precious memories. Twelve whole days together at the beginning of the month, enjoying a…

Silent Sunday 29/06/14

Jessica having a picnic with her toys in the garden

Enjoying the sunshine: simple pleasures

One of the best things about the summer is being able to spend so much time outside, going out and about or just spending time in the garden. The girls…

Outings - this week's word of the week

Word of the Week 27/06/14 – Outings

This week, we’ve been making the most of the sunshine and enjoying a few outings. Last Saturday, we had a fabulous day out at Peppa Pig world with some of…