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Jessica and Sophie sitting in the front of the car with Daddy

Siblings – June 2014

This month has been all about being out and about enjoying sunshiny days. The photo of Jessica pushing Sophie on the swing in the garden is one of my favourites…

A close up of one of the rhododendrons at Langley Park

My Favourite Smells

The smell of freshly washed hair gives me a sense of bliss As I give both my babies a tender bedtime kiss The warm damp smell they have when from…

A WW2 army car outside a boulangerie in Sainte Mere Eglise

Silent Sunday 08/06/14

Silent Sunday 01/06/14

A slightly wonky shot of hubby, Jessica, me and Sophie sitting with some Lego people at Legoland

Me and Mine – May 2014

Not the best shot of the four of us (perching the camera on the buggy and putting it on self-timer is not ideal!) but sharing a moment in a happy…

The view along the river with trees either side

A lovely Sunday afternoon with friends

We took a little detour on the way home from our church weekend to visit one of the remaining gold postboxes left on our gold postbox challenge list. We’ve visited…

A picture of a clock with the time at 9.30

I Wish I Had More Time

I wish I had more time, more hours in every day Making the most of those moments to sit with my girls and play. I wish I had more time…

The word "hectic"

Word of the Week 30/05/14 – Hectic

This week can be summarised in the following word: Coming back home and unpacking from a weekend away, planning a holiday, getting used to the new car, trying to sort…

Silent Sunday 25/05/14

The word "family"

Word of the Week 23/05/14 – Family

This week’s word of the week is: We’ve been spending quite a lot of time with various family members over the last week. My mum came down to stay for…