Me and You – November

Hubby and I had a lovely relaxing day earlier this month at Stoke Park spa which was absolutely blissful. We’ve been on a couple of spa days before – both times were pre-children though and the last time was when I was about 36 weeks’ pregnant with Jessica so it has been a long time since we last had a day to ourselves to just relax. We had a treatment each, enjoyed sitting and just relaxing, chatting and taking time to be ourselves rather than just Mummy and Daddy and even managed to go and take a nap before having to go home again! A much needed day together to recharge our batteries and reconnect with each other again.

Me and You - Nov 01

Me and You - Nov 02

The other photo from this month was taken at Sophie’s 1st birthday party. We were down on the floor with the children who were playing and just managed to capture this moment where hubby and I grabbed a brief moment of focusing on each other in the middle of the party.

Me and You - Nov 00

It has been so lovely to see more of hubby this month now that things have calmed down on the events front. We have spent time together in the evenings, catching up on Strictly Come Dancing (our favourite thing to watch together, not surprising given that we met through the ballroom dancing society when we were at university) and enjoyed weekends together as a family. It has really felt more like we have been a team over the past month. Amazing how just that little bit more time together makes such a huge difference.

dear beautiful

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

4 thoughts on “Me and You – November

    1. Thank you – it was wonderful to have time together as a couple and lovely to link up to #thankfulthursday again 🙂

  1. What a gorgeous post Louise! Must have been so fab to enjoy your spa day together, it’s a fave for my hubby and I too – can’t beat it. Love the photo at the end, you guys look so happy xx

    1. Thank you so much – it was a fab day together and we really enjoyed it. I think the last photo is one of my favourites of hubby and me together 🙂

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