My top 10 linkies of 2015

Blog hops and linkies are a wonderful way of finding new blogs to read, helping others to discover your blog and becoming part of the general blogging community. There are so many different linkies out there and it can be quite overwhelming if you try and join in with too many at once. I’ve joined in with so many different linkies over the last year or so – some of them regularly, others as and when I have a post that fits. My favourites are those where there is a real sense of community and those where I know I will always find other posts that I enjoy reading. Here are my ten favourite linkies that I have joined in with in 2015:


My top 10 linkies of 2015 - Little Hearts, Big Love

1) Twinkly Tuesday

Twinkly Tuesday is a linky for sharing any post, old or new. It is now hosted solely by Mummascribbles although was also co-hosted by The Twinkle Diaries and How Do You Do It during the year. I love the huge variety of posts that are linked up and many of the posts that have featured in my Friday Fabulous Five over the year have been found through this linky. As the name suggests, it opens every Tuesday (from 06.00 to 23.55) and you can link up one post per week.



2) The Truth About…

Hosted by And Then The Fun Began, this linky is all about sharing real-life without any sugar-coating. I love the variety of subjects that are shared – some are funny, some are thought-provoking but all are wonderfully honest. It opens each week on a Tuesday morning and closes on a Thursday evening.

And then the fun began...


3) Small Steps, Amazing Achievements

Co-hosted by Our Little Escapades and Autism Mumma, this linky is all about sharing the milestone moments of parenting. There’s a lovely sense of community in this linky and I love reading about the little moments that are being celebrated in the posts that link up. Small Steps, Amazing Achivements opens every Wednesday and closes on Sunday evening.



4) Cool Mum Club

Another linky for sharing any post that you have written – #coolmumclub is co-hosted by Mum Muddling Through and Motherhood: The Real Deal. I love the wonderful mix of posts that are linked up to this and there are always some amazing reads to be found. There’s also a lovely sense of community and a regular “Meet the Members” feature is linked up each week, which is a great way of finding out more about the bloggers behind the posts. It opens every Thursday at 06.00 and closes at 23.55 on Sunday.



5) Word of the Week

A lovely linky from The Reading Residence, which invites other bloggers to look back over the past week and sum it up in a single word. It’s always interesting to find out what words other bloggers have chosen and why and I love the way it encourages me to take time to reflect each week. Word of the Week opens from 06.30 on Friday until midnight on Sunday.

The Reading Residence


6) Post, Comment, Love

Post, Comment, Love is a linky for sharing any blog post (including sponsored posts and linky posts) from the previous week that hasn’t had as much attention as you would have liked and is all about sharing the comment love. It’s another linky which is perfect for finding great blog posts to read and I also love the Newbie Showcase where a newbie blogger is featured each week. #PoCoLo is currently hosted by Verily, Victoria Vocalises, who has sadly decided to stop hosting it at the end of this year – hopefully it will be back in the new year with a new host though. It opens on Friday at 6.30am and closes on Sunday at 8pm.

*Update 18/12/15 – #PoCoLo will be returning on 8th January 2016 with two new hosts – Life at 139a and Morgan’s Milieu*

Post Comment Love


7) Country Kids

Country Kids is one of the linkies that I try and join in every week – it is all about sharing outdoor fun and it has certainly helped encourage me to get out and explore new places with my children that I’m sure I would have done otherwise. It’s hosted by Coombe Mill and opens at midnight on Saturday until the following Friday.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8) Happy Days

A lovely positive linky aimed at inspiring others to “see the happy in the little things”. I love the way this linky encourages me to look back on my week and find the positive moments even when it has been quite challenging and the Happy Days community is such a friendly one. #HappyDaysLinky is hosted by What Katy Said (who was also joined by Tiny Footsteps as a co-host during the year).


What Katy Said


9) My Sunday Photo

One of the easiest linkies to join in with, this linky hosted by Phot A Life is simply about sharing a photo, with or without words. It’s one of the most popular linkies and I am always very impressed that Darren, the host, manages to comment on every single post linked up. I love selecting a photo to share that sums up my week and looking at the other fabulous photos linked up. My Sunday Photo is open on Sunday, from midnight.





10) Siblings

A monthly linky for sharing photos of siblings together, hosted by Dear Beautiful. I love the way it encourages me to take regular photos of my girls together and capture the bond between them. It’s another linky that has a wonderful sense of community and I love seeing all the photos that everyone else has linked up too. It opens on the 15th of each month and stays open for a couple of weeks.


dear beautiful


You can find out more about some of the other linkies that I have joined in with on my Linkies I Love page. Which linkies do you love joining in with?

Post Comment Love

24 thoughts on “My top 10 linkies of 2015

  1. Thank you so much for joining in week after week, it is always so nice to read about your week and see what fun you and the girls have been up to. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing this list, I’m just beginning to branch out into linkies and not sure where to begin looking for them. I’ll definitely be checking out your links here and no doubt discover some great blogs, new to me, along the way.

    1. You’re welcome Robyn – hope you manage to find some linkies that you enjoy taking part in too 🙂

    1. My pleasure Fiona – really enjoy joining in and being encouraged to get outdoors regularly 🙂

  3. This is a great list. I am going to bookmark it so I don’t forget about all the different linkies. I like linking up to quite a few of these, I love the sense of community that goes hand in hand with blog hops. I have found some of my favourite blogs through linky parties.xx #pocolo

    1. Thanks Wendy – hope you find it helpful. I love the sense of community from blog hops and linkies too – it is my biggest reason for joining them 🙂

    1. Thanks Kriss – hope you enjoy checking out the ones that you haven’t yet come across 🙂

  4. A neat list! I bookmarked it so I can refer to it when looking for some linky inspiration! Thanks a lot for compiling it! 🙂

    Have a lovely Year End!

  5. I’ve only just found this post Louise! Thanks so much for the mention – it has been a pleasure to see you linking up. I hope people don’t mix up being honest with being negative – I know my regular linkers are definitely like minded and really supportive people and that’s what makes it so great 🙂 It’s interesting to read your choices – some of which I was aware of but never joined, some I’ve joined but not for ages and some of which I’ve never heard of. My list would be a little different but maybe I will look into mixing it up a bit more in 2016. We are such creatures of habit aren’t we?! Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and I’ll take the opportunity to say Happy New Year too 🙂 Xx

    1. That’s a good point Sam, and your comment has made me realise that my original description does indeed make that mistake so have edited the description slightly – hopefully this will reflect your linky a little more accurately! I know what you mean about being creatures of habit – I’ve tended to stick to the same linkies most of the time too! We had a lovely Christmas thank you, hope you did too and wishing you a Happy New Year too x

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