Messy outdoor play with our new mud kitchen

A mud kitchen has been on my mental wish list for the garden for a little while now, particularly after watching Sophie have so much fun with the mud kitchens during our last stay at Coombe Mill. With our outdoor time being more restricted to the garden due to lockdown, we finally decided to buy one.


Sophie and Thomas playing with mud in the bowls in their mud kitchen - "Messy outdoor play with our new mud kitchen"


The one we chose was from MRCSteelDesigns on Etsy. It’s available in a variety of different colours. There are two bowls for mud mixing and four “hobs” for imaginative play. The mud kitchen also comes with a set of utensils and hooks to hang them up on. You can choose whether the bowls are set together or split either side of the hob, and whether to add a top and bottom shelf or both. We went for the natural mud kitchen with a bottom shelf and the bowls split either side of the hob.


Our new mud kitchen before being painted


The natural wood version of the mud kitchen needs to be treated or painted before using outdoors so it was a couple of days before the children could play with it . I had also added a few old trays and containers to the bowls and utensils.


Sophie and Thomas looking at their new mud kitchen


Sophie and Thomas were soon busy collecting soil and water from the garden to make mud. Sophie had lots of fun making various mud dishes. The little shelf below made the perfect “oven” to bake her mud pies in.


Sophie and Thomas playing with their mud kitchen


Sophie putting a baking tray full of mud on the bottom shelf of the mud kitchen


Thomas was mostly absorbed in taking all the utensils off the pegs and collecting mud rather than making mud pies. He did enjoy getting messy though and being able to play with the mud. This turned into throwing it at his sister a few days later. Sophie and I weren’t quite so keen on this! I’m all for messy play with mud and accepting the necessary washing that goes alongside it but I’m drawing the line at mud fights!


Thomas taking utensils off the hooks on the mud kitchen while Sophie spoons mud into a foil tray


Thomas standing by the mud kitchen holding a tray


Sophie is really enjoying having a mud kitchen to play with. She confided in me that she missed being able to play with the mud kitchen at school as it’s part of the Reception play area. I’m glad that it’s something that she’s now able to play with regularly at home.


Sophie at the mud kitchen spooning mud into a baking tray


Sophie's mud pie with clover and berries to decorate


Please note that this is not a sponsored post nor was this item gifted for review. We chose and bought the mud kitchen ourselves and have not been offered any incentive to promote it.


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12 thoughts on “Messy outdoor play with our new mud kitchen

  1. This is brilliant. Always wanted to get one for my children. They’re a bit old for it now. Sophie and Thomas both look like they are really enjoying their mud kitchen. I hope they continue to enjoy it. #mmbc

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