Me and Mine – October

With hubby having been away in Paris for the last week, it’s been another month where I’ve had to be organised about getting our family photo taken! Thankfully next month looks like it will be a lot quieter and I’m hoping that we will be able to have more time together as a family as a result. Whilst the periods of separation are our normal at times, and the girls cope quite well with Daddy being away (although Jessica asks “how many sleeps until Daddy comes home?” each day), we do miss not being together.

Me and Mine (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

The daily photo messages and phone calls keep us connected during these times but hubby misses out on so much when he is away. He has often been away for his birthday or my birthday but has always managed to be home for the girls’ birthdays until now. This time he has missed out on our baby girl’s second birthday and I suspect it won’t be the last one of our children’s birthdays that he will have to be away for. Thank goodness for phones, social media, photo messaging and video calls – it’s not the same, but it’s something at least.

Me and Mine (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Although this month has been a busy one, we have made the most of what little time we have been able to spend together as a family and had a lovely day out, enjoying Apple Day at a local farm, where this month’s photos were taken.  As you can see, the girls were too busy enjoying their chocolate-covered apples to pose properly for the photo but they capture what the day meant for us – just enjoying being together and having fun.


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