Birthday fun at the park

With Daddy being away on Sophie’s birthday, I decided against organising a birthday party and instead opted for a bit of an “open house” instead so that everyone who wanted to could pop in and wish Sophie a happy birthday. We had visits from Grandma, Grandad, Auntie Marls and the girls’ friends H and E in the morning but by early afternoon, the girls were starting to get cabin fever. The weather was sunny and clear and as exciting as the new toys were, the attraction of the great outdoors was stronger. We weren’t expecting any more visitors after the arrival of Nanny, Auntie Fizz, cousins Ebony and Erin and Ebony’s friend J, and so once everyone had been fed and watered, we decided to make the most of the nice weather and take a trip to the park.

Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Having five extra pairs of hands made it a lot easier as the girls wanted to take their dollies’ buggies to the park – trying to do it by myself and keep two children and two buggies on the pavement can be somewhat challenging!

Taking the dollies' buggies out for a walk - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

As expected, once we’d arrived at the park, the dollies’ prams were abandoned in the corner in favour of swings, slides and seesaws.

Going down the slide - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

The swings are always a favourite with the girls and they love being pushed as high as possible.

Fun on the swings - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

They also seemed to be a firm favourite with the bigger kids too and even Auntie Fizz and Nanny couldn’t resist!

Big kids on the swings - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie enjoyed exploring the climbing frame and going down the slide over and over again. Jessica is a bit scared of going down slides though even with someone being ready to catch her at the bottom. The slide at the park is just a small one but still too high as far as she is concerned. She was quite happy to catch Sophie though!

Catching Sophie on the slide - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Nanny had bought Jessica a talking toy Sula so that she could also have something to open on Sophie’s birthday. Naturally Sula had to come with us to the park and Jessica enjoyed pushing her down the slide and taking her on the swings and rocking horse.

Jessica and Sula on the spider swing - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sula enjoys the rocking horse - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Taking the birthday girl to the park brought back a lot of happy memories from a year ago as we did the same on Sophie’s first birthday. Last year, she had only just started walking on her own and was mostly pushed around the park on her new trike and lifted out to go on the swings and slide. This year, she was running around, jumping up and down on the trampoline and climbing up on the climbing frame all by herself. What a difference a year makes!

Two little girls, two birthday photos a year apart - Birthday fun at the park - Little Hearts, Big Love


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20 thoughts on “Birthday fun at the park

  1. What a fantastic birthday for Sophie, I think at 2 having an open house type day for friends and family to pop over is perfect. Sophie looks like she had a fab time running around the park with Jessica, Ebony, Erin and J. Swings are always going to be a firm favourite I think, it’s great that even Nanny and Auntie Fizz got a turn. Thanks for linking up all the birthday fun with me on Country Kids.

  2. Briliant idea to have an open house for a party. It takes away the stress of having to organise a formal party and it looks like the girls had so much fun! I love the photo of the 2 of them pushing prams. These two are going to be such good friends when they grow up 🙂

    1. Thanks Mel – it was so much easier than organising a party and the girls had a lovely day seeing everyone 🙂

  3. It looks like you had a brilliant trip to the park. The picture of the girls faces on the swing is priceless, they look like they’re having an amazing time x

  4. What a really lovely trip to the park with family. It sounds like a great birthday (despite daddy being away). I love that the ‘big kids’ joined in too. Lovely pics.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids

    1. Thanks Karen – it did make me chuckle when the “big kids” joined in too – I have to admit I can never resist having a go on the swings myself!

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