Me and Mine – February

I often leave our monthly Me and Mine photo to the last minute but with hubby being away working for the last week of this month, I managed to be a little more organised and remember to have some photos taken before he went away.

Me and Mine (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love

This month’s photos were taken at church, just after the morning service, before we headed off for lunch to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. Our church is somewhere where we feel very much part of a wider church family and the girls are always very much at home there. They know where the toys are – nowadays they make a beeline for the ‘room with the toys’ as soon as we walk in the door and when they do join us for the service, I always feel that they are very much welcomed.

Although I only became part of our church when I moved to the area ten years ago, Michael grew up in this church and his parents are both fairly active members as was hubby’s Nanna when she was alive. Now we have own our children coming along each week, making four generations of hubby’s family being part of the church family.

Me and Mine (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love

I love the fact that our children are as comfortable in our church as we are. It is where we got married; it is where Sophie was baptised and Jessica was welcomed into the church family as a tiny baby (having been baptised shortly after her birth in hospital). In the four walls of this building, we have worshipped together, we have prayed together, we have celebrated together and we have found hope, strength, comfort and welcome.

Me and Mine (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love

We have been missing hubby this week – although Daddy is not often home for bedtime, he is usually around in the mornings when the girls wake up and Jessica has asked to “see Daddy” most mornings although thankfully has been quite content to be told that Daddy is at work. We’ve chatted and seen Daddy via FaceTime which has been nice but we are all looking forward to him being back home and having proper family time together again soon!

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30 thoughts on “Me and Mine – February

  1. Oh that’s lovely to have pictures in such a special place. Your church family sounds wonderful and it’s lovely that it includes all the generations of your family!

    1. Thanks Carie – we are very blessed with our lovely church family and nice to have some photos of us in the church too 🙂

  2. I love these Louise, I love that all the girlies are colour co-ordinated, it’s nice that they find time with Daddy even though he works hard. It’s like that at ours too, we always try and steal some moments. xxx How lovely that you have four generations at your church, that’s amazing #meandmine

    1. Thank you Alexandra – it’s not always easy to get those moments but the Me and Mine project is so good for encouraging me to capture them 🙂

  3. Aww love this. I find church does the same for me. It can be Slightly difficult as a single divorced guy. But the ethos is the same. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

    1. Glad that church does the same for you even if it can be slightly difficult at times. Lovely to link up again 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures and great your little ones are so comfy in church which is so important to you as a family. I don’t know what I’d do without Facetime either!! xx #mummymonday

  5. Your church sounds like an amazing place to be! Beautiful family photos! Glad you did them before hubby left for work!
    Have you been celebrating Chinese New Year? I love Jessica’s dress!

    1. Thank you – we went out for a Chinese meal to celebrate Grandma’s birthday and it seemed a good opportunity for Jessica to wear the dress which had been a Christmas present from hubby’s aunt

  6. What a lovely photo of you all!! So nice to get full family photos. Thanks so much for linking up hope to see you again tomorrow!! #MummyMonday xx

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