An afternoon at Langley Park

Another sunny winter afternoon and time to find another local outdoor space to go and explore. This time we were off to Langley Park, a local country park, which is somewhere we’ve visited once before whilst I was pregnant with Sophie. We had a longer walk that day to the lake and back, but on this visit we focused on a smaller section of the park.

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

For once, Sophie was actually awake and ready to explore! We started off in the Temple Gardens where Jessica enjoyed collecting leaves and Sophie enjoyed just having a big space where she could wander around.

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

I tried to get a few shots of the girls together but Sophie’s little legs weren’t always able to keep up with Jessica!

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big LoveAn afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

After the girls had finished their explorations of the Temple Gardens, it was time to head to the play area where Jessica found a friend to go down the slide with. I love the way children just seem to make instant friendships – at one point the other little girl was sitting at the top of the slide waiting for Jessica to climb up and join her and when her mum tried to encourage her to go down the slide, she replied “I’m waiting for my best friend!”

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie was getting tired by this stage and whilst she was quite happy to wander about and come and watch her sister go down the slide, she started to get a little bit grumpy and made it clear that she had had enough of it all. Jessica was also starting to look a little cold by this point so we headed home again.

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

An afternoon at Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Hopefully next time we’ll manage to explore a little more of the park and make it down to the lake.
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26 thoughts on “An afternoon at Langley Park

  1. The weather has been lovely, hasn’t it? I left the house without a coat (for 10 minutes) yesterday afternoon! It feels good! Hello Vitamin D. Sophie looks like she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders in that 1st photo. Bless her, she was tired! In her last photo, she looks all blonde (her hair getting fairer?) and more and more like Jessica. These two are going to be the best of friends, aren’t they? xx

    1. It has been lovely and so nice to get out and about. Sophie was so tired but enjoyed being outside. She is definitely getting fairer and it is lovely to see how much more the girls play together as Sophie gets bigger 🙂

  2. Looks like they both had a wonderful day out, love that slide and yes it always amazes me how children instantly make friends. If only it was that simple later on in life 🙂 #countrykids

  3. Lovely to see both girls up and about. Kids have such a lovely style of making friends, they just play alongside each other and suddenly it becomes a game together. we could learn a lot from them. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you – it is lovely to see how easily children make friends. Lovely to link up again 🙂

  4. Love their drooping, hanging mittens! N’s never had those, but with the number of gloves that disappear and then reappear again, we should have done. #countrykids

    1. The mittens are great – the girls usually have their knitted ones on but it means that I still have mittens available if the ones they are wearing get lost!

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